Monday, December 12, 2011

My Goals for year 8

My Plan for year eight is to be a prefect for the school. Taking Charge is only one of the things that I need to do to become one of these, also to achieve this I need to Be Responsible and Show Responsibility as well as sticking to the rules. I will also uphold the rules of the Point England Way.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Hook- My Racket swerved through the air as I played my first shot of the day in this new experience. I was nervous, but in the blink of an eye it was over, my first shot was a success. I thought to myself “king of the court”, I was so cocky. Then Nek minnit I was gone.

Para 1- “ Are we done yet” I groaned to myself as our tennis tutor rambled on about the forearm shot. “Its supposed to glide through the wind” He explained. I kept saying to myself be patent Kayde, it will be over soon. I needed to learn these shots to succeed .Like my Dad always said “ You wont go far in life with your ears painted on”.

Para 2- A challenge was laid out on the plate from our tennis teacher. The challenge was to hit the as many times as you could with out making touch the ground. I thought, ohh piece of cake! Its actually not as easy as it looks or sounds. “BANG,BANG” The sounds of the ball hitting the racket then going on to hit the pavement. “ Ohh it can’t get any worse then that. “WWWWW” The whistle blew. I thought “Hmm whats next”.

Para 3- There’s a saying in life practise, practise, practise makes you perfect. Luckily that was the case for me as our tutor dished out another challenge for us. With the ball hit it with the racket on the sides as much times as you can again with out making it fall to the ground. A new record for me was set when, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, hits of the ball I done before hitting the hard concrete ground. “Bring on the next challenge!”

Para 4- “YEAH BUDDY”, the tennis tournament began, and I was over the moon to have it started! All the skills that we had learnt would be put to use. The forearm shot. My real challenge was Matthew, aka (our class clown). We twisted and turned as the ball was fired at each other, fluke shots were being pulled of until. Gone, I hadn’t kept my on the ball, and just like that the ball flew past my waist. “
NO!” I screamed.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Magnetic Field

Do you wanna know what a magnetic field is? Well a magnetice field is cause because of an eletric charge.If it wasn't for this magnetic field, down to the ground our planets would drop. A magnetic field can also be created by the spin magnetic dipole moment, and by the orbital magnetic dipole moment of an electron within an atom.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MI quiz

Today, courtesy of the online MI quiz, we took a test to see what type of smarts we were. As you can see in this picture there is People smart, Myself smart,music smart,Number smart,Picture smart, Word smart and Body smart. You can see in this picture that I am independent, myself smart person. Myself smart means that you like working by yourself and doing things and sporting on your own.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holiday highlight

“BOOYAAH!” In Rotorua once again.“ Time to see the cuzzies “ I said to my mum. “not yet” she replied. Nan’s expecting us any minute to arrive.

So upon our arrival, we popped in to see our nan, who recently moved down there from Auckland, just to say hello. Because she lives in a place with thermal ground we, the kids took a walk around Ohinemotu while the adults had a cuppa.

Along the way we saw some boiling ngawha pools and some beautiful carved marae. There was about three marae, Tuno Hopu my marae, Tama Te Kapua and Tiki. If your not one of those people who are unlucky to sight see Rotorua , a ngawha pool is a VERY HOT pool that can scold you to death, and also a bath. As long as you add cold water. And a marae is a place that you hold funerals and maybe an opening of something. “Time to go”Said my mum.

Arriving at my dads house I parked my but in front of the tv and watched a smashing of the kiwis from the Australian kangaroos in the four Nations warm up. Try after Try for Australia and it looked in doubt for the kiwis until kiwi young gun Kevin Locke scored. making the 24-6. But again another try to Aussie until they reached 48-6 the final score. Aussie with a victory. Australia wasn’t only playing for a spot in the four nations, but for rugby league immortal, Darren Lockyer.

Going to my aunties house was a bit scary because her daughters dislike me. I over came that and got along with them very well. After an imaginary shoot out with my cousin Taine and brother Gabriel we tried to get the lawn mower started to do my aunty a favour. After two pulls it started up and we were under way. Row after row we mowed and the look on her and my mum’s face was amazing. We were so tired, so a sleep over was under way.

“Nah, I want that pillow” My little cousin said as they fought over the pillows. I just wanted to get out of there, but as long as my mum and aunty went to the fish and chip shop we couldn’t leave. So me and my cousin, Taine set up an imaginative boat to keep the little kids occupied. “Watched out ahead, To the side, there’s shark after shark.” Screamed the crew of the fordblock boat. With a loud scream it was over, we had been defeated. As the saying goes, When your having fun, time flies!

Monday, October 24, 2011

RWC 2011 CHAMPS!!!!

All Blacks the 61,000 fans of Eden Park chanted as Richie McCaw raised the William Webb Ellis cup. For me I am proud to be a kiwi at this stage, I am still speechless after a tight RWC 2011 final Beating France 8-7. Sadly for France this was the third time being runners up in the World cup and for NZ the second time lifting the cup. Now in four years they ( THE ALL BLACKS ) will need to overcome England and win the 2015 RWC!! Good on the boys!

Monday, October 3, 2011

A humbling loss.

Third in five years. This is the stat of the Manly Sea-Eagles Grand final record in the past decade. Tears for the Vodafone Warriors and Celebrations for the Manly Sea-Eagles, Defeating the vodafone warriors 24-10 in the Nrl grand final in front of 81,988 people.

Scoreless or twenty minutes, the NRL's biggest stage. The Warriors were first to score after a penalty kick from Fly half James Maloney. 2-0 to the visitors. But a hit back from the favourites, an inside ball to Stewart and Brett Stewart scores, And the try is converted. 6-2 to Manly. "Oh and a kick ahead by Bretts brother Glen, Robertson gets the ball, runs up the field about 50 metres, offloads to Ballin and Ballin is tackled by Sam Rapira. But a quick play and Dlay Cherry-Evans is in to score for Manly, and is converted." 12-2 to Manly in the Shadows of Half time. Final Score 24-10 to Manly.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Close to perfect!

hook-A different day tomorrow? I asked myself as Mrs Nua, Our class teacher announced. We were to bring along to school with us, a change of clothes and maybe a towel. I was thinking why a towel, why a change of clothes? So After school I ran home eager to find out what was going to happen.
orientation- “I never knew that we could have this much fun at school apart from morning and lunch time!” There was a glamouris feeling among the intermediate block of the school walking down to the bottom field. The games had began, It felt like we were representing our countries at the London 2012 olympics.
para 1-So it would seem that we were obviesly playing games. I said to myself, “YAH” This was the first time that we had done something fun, out of the Ordinary. That is if you take out our Term 1 camping experience. Up to this point of the week I was more excited, not only because we were playing games but also having fun.
para 2-As our class lined up ready to have some fun, I noticed in the corner about 6-8 buckets stacked up. I thought that after this sight we were just bound to play at least one water game. We hit the bottom field with excitement ready to play some games. After the first game me and several other class mates were soaked in water from our first game with Miss Nua. I was dreading myself saying NO,NO,NO. This was a Brand new warriors shirt I was wearing. Well there’s a lesson to be learned, never wear brand new clothes for something you will get dirty in.
para 3-No Offense to my teacher Miss Nua, But this was when the fun kicked in! I still don’t know what this game is called, but in a way it is similar to dodge ball so I am going to call it ‘DODGE THE BALL’. Here are the rules. Two teams on the court at once, and one team has to run inside the limited space that they have while the other team has to try and hit you with the ball. Here’s the twist, the team that is holding the ball can’t move, all they can do is chuck the ball to their other team mates and touch the opposing team with the ball.
para 4-At this rate i had a feeling that we were going to win our first match of dodge the ball in style. Five out of seven of our people survived while we ran around. The other two people we recogonized them as the WEAK LINKS. Back to the game Already four of the seven people in the other team had been hit and gone. three to go! We won convincingly. There was also two other games played, but if I explained them this story would go on and on about how fun and cool they played out.
conclusion-If I were to write a 1000 word writing sample about the highlights of there year this experience would defiantly in it. So please Mrs Nua , Can we do this again.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Our place our team

This is a presentation that me and my mates done about our country!!! I hope you enjoy our hard work.Here is a presentation that me and my

My Maths Whizz

Recently we have been introduced to a new thing called Maths Whizz. I have climbed up the ladder of credits faster than anyone else. If you click on the button START you will start your 10 questions. It is fun and I will be on it all day. Literally!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

RWC Samoa vs Namibia

Tonight, although Namibia is ranked last in the RWC 2011, they will face a fiery Samoan team. Samoa will play their first game of the RWC tonight on the 14-09-11. Namibia last week put up a VERY GOOD fight against ts Fiji in Rotorua sadly going down 49-25. At one stage of the game Namibia looked like winning. The score I predict for tonights game is 35-20 to Samoa.

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Favourite poems

My most favourite place is Rotorua and Gisborne because it feels like your in a house of fun that never ends.

Time of day
My most favourite time of the day is when school finishes because feels like a hard hill to climb.

BLUE.....BLACK.....Black is smuther over the Vodafone Warriors and Blue Describes my passion for NSW.

My Favourite food is Nachos because of the mouth watering taste, It talks to me like chocalate.

Slurping a taste of coke is a remix like eating nachos filled with a raspberry soft drink.

Reggae fills my ears with relaxing music, similar to a tropical Island like Samoa.

My favourite flower is the violet because of their distinct blue colour that is a message that is sent to my heart.. (NSW)

Being out in the wild is such a treat, but in camping I get caught up with the heat.

My most favourite person in the world is my best friend Matthew T, he is as funny as America’s funniest home videos.

NRL is a game that runs smoothly like a Mr Whippy Choclate smoothy.

My favourite thing is NRL, but the one thing I hate after the game is the PUTRID and PUNGENT smell. The boots is the thing that make my nose hurt and sting.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aussie rules/kiwi kick

“OUCH!!!!!” I found out that you have to have a pretty stiff and hard hand to hit an AFL ball. My hand was as red as anything, ready to burst with blood. But AMAZINGLY the pain was worth it. Us and room 9 were in the hall learning how to play Aussie rule or (kiwi kick). You probably don’t know what this is, so I’ll run you through the basics.

Aussie rules is a sport that is played similar to the game of rugby. So here are three basic rules. Rule number one, When you pass the ball in AFL you have got to hold it in on hand and then hit it. If not you will be penalised. Number two, You can only run a limited space of 15 metres before you have to bounce the ball. And last but not least rule number three. There are three posts, to score a goal you have to kick the ball. You can kick the ball in the Air and along the ground. If you kick the ball between the middle post you will score six points and if between the side ones, one point.

This technique is called hand ball next week or it stops raining we will go out side and learn how to drop put the ball it also is another unique skill that might only be used in this game. But what made the game a even better experience was that we where playing with students from room 9. In the end we had a quick group challenge we had to pass the ball to everyone in our group and every time someone caught it that was counted as one point the most points someone got for just 2 people was 72.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Statistics Probabillity!!!

In the past three weeks of this new term we have been studying how to predict what the possibilities of summing it up. In this picture I have and example of this. ENJOY!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New All Blacks stats!

Two of the best new All Blacks talents. 23 year old Jarrad Hoeata from the Chiefs and other 23 year old Colin Slade from also the Highlanders!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fitness test!!!

"HUFF.....A.....PUFF" The hard worked boys groaned as we approached level six of our intense beep test. I had high aspirations to beat my all time record of level 16 stage 7. But that probably wasn't going to happen. My legs were pushed to their BREAKING POINT as we reached the sixth stage. I felt like giving up as the time got narrow and more faster to try and complete. " YAH!" I thought as I reached the seventh stage. I honestly felt like giving up. I thought of a saying..."NO PAIN, NO GAIN". Sadly in the end I just had to give in. My finishing position, level seven stage two.

For me to get better at our next beep test at the end of the term I need to get more involved at my rugby league trainings and start testing myself to do harder things.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dan Carter vs Morne Steyn vs Quade Cooper!!!

Leading into the Tri nations and also the RWC ( rugby world cup ) There is always going to be a battle between the three top rugby nations in the world!!! New Zealand, Australia and also South Africa. And as well as that the three fly halfs. For New Zealand Daniel Carter, for Australia Quade Cooper and also for South Africa, Morne Steyn!!

Every year there is a MOUTH-WATERING clash between the Five-eights!! As many people know they just wont control the ruck but also get those vital Goal kicks!!! But If i were to go for a team, I would support the All Blacks. Not only because I'm from New Zealand but I think Daniel Carter and Richie McCaw will dominate with their experience and bring the bacon home. " GO THE ALL BLACKS "

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Term 2 recap!!

This term I have really been in and out. By that I mean good at times and bad at times. Also this term has been AMAZING how we learnt about our term 2 topic bigger,better,faster and stronger! We had a chance to study five words that each teacher of our team 5 had, Discovery ( Miss Nua ), Creativity ( Miss Tito ), Imagination ( Miss Lagitupu ) Innovate ( Mr Harris ) and Practicality ( Mr Barks ). The word I was really wanting to keep on studying about practicality!!! This word means that you can take stuff and make them better, for example. When Leo Nardo Divinci found a pair of blunt scissors, and instead of throwing them away he kept them, and to this day there are different types of scissors!

What I am looking froward to next term is one, our new topic, two switching on in class and three.. UM... HAVING FUN!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Football inventions!!!!

…..RUGBY BALL Invention.....

Richard Lindon and William Gilbert who lived in the late 17th century and the mid 18th century created rugby balls for there class. Mainly out of hand stitched, four-panel, leather casings and pigs' bladders. These men were also known for their shoe and rugby boot making!!!!!

A rugby ball is a style of football that originated from rugby ball in the United Kingdom. It is seen most prominently in two current sports, rugby league and rugby Union ( with the rugby world cup being hosted here in NEW ZEALAND ), and has influenced the development of others such other footballs like NFL ( American Football ), Canadian Football and AFL, Australia rules football, you’ll find that their balls are much, much smaller!!!

Rugby Union and American Football ( NFL ) are two VERY, VERY different sporting games!!!!! For starters, both sports are played on a field that is roughly 110 metres which is 120 yards long and about 50-55 metres wide, with the rugby field being slightly wider. Across the field, there are lines painted to indicate the different boundaries. These lines are about ten metres and yards apart from each other.


This week on Sunday the vodafone WARRIORS will be taking on the Melbourne STORM!!!!! With out a doubt this will be a cracker!!!! It will be third versus seventh, with the STORM in third place and the WARRIORS in seventh!!!!!

The WARRIORS have recently had three consecutive losses. As you know the WARRIORS are looking to snap a three game losing streak, and there will be no other way than to do it with the WARRIORS being at home at Mt Smart Stadium. Going into this game the WARRIORS will have a lot of hope after defeating this star-filled team in the ANZAC day battle, 18-14 at the STORMS home ground of AAMI park!!!

If both teams look to win this game they first of all need to shut down the fowards, but most of all for the WARRIORS, shut down the three best players of the game, Cooper Cronk, Cameron Smith and Billy Slater!!!!! In saying that..... ' GO THE WARRIORS '

Friday, June 10, 2011

NSW TEAM!!!!!!

On Wednesday the 15th of June the Harvey Norman state of origin game two will take place at ANZ stadium in Sydney Australia!!!!! The Queenslanders are looking to yet again take out the series for the 6th time in a row, and also the New South wales team looking to restore their pride and to not go down yet again!!! Here are the Teams....
1. Anthony Minichello ( Roosters )
2. Jarryd Hayne ( Eels )
3. William Hopoate ( Sea-Eagles )
4. Mark Gasnier ( Dragons )
5. Akulia Uate ( Knights )
6. Jamie Soward ( Dragons )
7. Mitchell Pearce ( Roosters )
8. Paul Gallen (c) ( Sharks )
9. Michael Ennis ( Bulldogs )
10. Tim Mannah ( Eels )
11. Beau Scott ( Dragons )
12. Ben Creagh ( Dragons )
13. Greg Bird ( Titans )

14. Kurt Gidley ( Knights )
15. Anthony Watmough ( Sea-Eagles )
16. Trent Merrin ( Dragons )
17. Luke Lewis ( Panthers )

And there you have it, the NSW team!!!! GO NEW SOUTH WALES!!!!!


Kia Ora my name is KAYDE, as you can see in this photo of my WACKY name design!!! This was a task set from one of our independent teachers Miss Tito!!! Each kid was to write their name and post or send it to her!!!! And the winner taking the prize of a water balloon firing sling-shot!!!!! But in the end there were two winners two boys called Raven and Moses!!! I hope you liked my name!!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Goals movie!!!!

This is a movie about my goals for this year!!! I have animated an AWESOME rugby league match of the WARRIORS vs RABBITOHS!!! I hope that you enjoy it!!

Reds vs Crusaders highlights!!!!

On Sunday night there was a MOUTH-WATERING super 15 clash between the Queensland reds and the Canterbury crusaders!!!!! This match lived up to expectation as there was a 50 000 crowd sell out. And also for the kiwi team super All Black Dan Carter and also All Blacks captain Richie McCaw were back. Both of the teams ran onto the field and for both there was a MASSIVE ROAR!!!! So how would this game turn out??????

RRRRRR!!!! The whistle blew and the Crusaders had an awesome penalty kick to open the score card. 3-0 to the kiwi team. Immediately it was a force to be reckoned with when the reds hit back with a try to make the score 7-3. Although I am still debating that there was a forward pass or not!!! The ref didn’t see it!!! There were opportunity after opportunity to score but the defence was rock solid. Going into the sheds the score was 7-3 to the Queensland reds.

RRRRR!!! Again the whistle blew to signify the second half kick-off of the game!!! With the mighty crusaders kicking it off. the second-half was again hard going for the first seven minutes. Then the power of the Crusaders struck when Robbie Fruin set-up a try for 32 year old Joe Wheeler crossing over to make the score 10-7!!!! The defence from both teams held up rock hard until.... The reds scored the equalizer making the score 14-10 to the Queensland Reds. A penalty was blown for the Crusaders right in front of the uprights, an easy three points for Daniel Carter, and they were easily taken the score now was 14-13!!! It would take another 15 minutes before the score was once again cracked!!! Again Lazy defence from the reds gave Dan Carter a gifted three points!!! The score now 16-14. “ OH NO!!! “ These must of been the words of the Crusaders coach when there was a penalty given to the reds with one minute to go!!! Quade Cooper took his chance and....The goal was hit!!! The crusaders tried the short kick-off but it wasn’t enough!!! The final score 17-16 to the Queensland Reds!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creater of the helicopter!!!!!


Russian born, US engineer, Igor Sikorsky , designed and flew the first four engined aircraft in 1913 and designed the first successful helicopter in 1939.

Tuipulo2-As to why, I can only guess that he saw a need and fulfilled it, or somebody asked him, or he picked up on one of Leonardo Da Vinci's ideas. ( A helicopter design.

This is the very drawing of Leonardo Di Vinci’s helicopter design that up to this day he must be so humble about!Leonardo da Vinci first to seriously theorize about flying machines - with over 100 drawings that illustrated his theories on flight

Thanks to mr Igor sikorsky we have aircrafts that have been designed and crafted into a lot of different engineer flighting and things like new modern helicopter and aeroplanes with new and improoved engines!!! And did you that if it wasn’t for the famous painter himself Mr Leonado Da Vinci helicopters might not of been designed for about another 50 years when tecnology was better improoved!!! So thanks!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Queensland team one 2011!!!

Here is the Queensland state of origin team that has been selected by Mal Meninga for the first State of Origin game 2011 that will be held at suncorp stadium. Here it is....

1. Billy Slater ( Storm )
2. Darius Boyd ( Dragons )
3. Dane Nielson ( Storm )
4. Willie Tonga ( Cowboys )
5. Jarahl Yow yeh ( Broncos )
6. Darren Lockyer (c) ( Broncos )
7. Jonathan Thurston ( Cowboys )
8. Petro Civinoceva ( Panthers )
9. Cameron Smith ( Storm )
10. Matt Scott ( Cowboys )
11. Nate Myles ( Roosters )
12. Sam Thiday ( Broncos )
13. Ashley Harrison ( Titans )

14. Cooper Cronk ( Storm )
15. Jacob Lillyman ( Warriors )
16. Corey Parker ( Broncos )
17. Ben Hannant ( Bulldogs )

This is the team that Queensland Great and Coach Mal Maninga has and the selectors have chosen to take on the NSW team on the 25th of may 2011. I am a surprised kid that There are a number of people who haven't been chosen for the team knowing that there were 14 Queenslanders playing in the ANZAC test.... I am a NSW fan so... GO New South Wales!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The NSW team game one 2011

This is the New South Wales team that will challenge Queensland in th State of Origin game one. I prefer other players but heres the team...

1. Josh Dugan ( Raiders )
2. Akulia Uate ( Knights )
3. Michael Jennings ( Panthers )
4. Mark Gasnier ( Dragons )
5. Brett Morris ( Dragons )
6. Jamie Soward ( Dragons )
7. Mitchell Pearce ( Roosters )
8. Kade Snowden ( Sharks )
9. Micheal Ennis ( Bulldogs )
10. Jason King ( Sea-Eagles )
11. Greg Bird ( Titans )
12. Beau Scott ( Dragons )
13. Paul Gallen ( c ) ( Sharks )

14. Ben Creagh
15. Dean Young
16. Trent Merrin
17.Tim Mannah

This is the team that was decided from th coach Ricky Stuart!!!
GO New South WALES!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


“RRRRRR” The whistle blew as our leading mentour Mike gathered everyone for our first youth pride holiday programme since Last year in December!!! It was a good time to catch up on things!!!! I was so eager to play more games but, we split up into two groups, boys and girls and were forced to introduce ourselves so that we got more courage for when speaking up front. Finally this little ( so called activity ) was over!!! Ready and split into 4 groups our day was set. I was in group three ( called Price Tag ) with Aidan and Nathaniel and I had a fair Idea of what to expect....FUN!!!!!

Our first team activity was set, but sadly it was on of my worst....’ The Shape game’. In this game Mike ( the programme runner ) would call out either letters or shapes to make. our first shape was an H and quickly followed by a capital Q!!! We aced through this activity only to be faced with some of the hardest shapes ever.....First up a car!!!!! We didn’t finish first but that didn’t bother us because this time we had to have good presentation!!!! It was time to mark us and we had a funny window wiper connected and got an extra 50 points!!! 150/100 and no suprisingly we won!!!!!! Secondly we had to make a church!!! Again extra points for good detail, after adding a door to our church!!! Again a win!!! 4 out of 4 in this challenge!!!

“ YAHHHH” the voices of the kids shouted when we were given the news that it was free time!!! So me and Matthew ( my best friend ) picked up a basketball and played around the world. I started dozing off when Matthew started creaming me!!! So as a sore loser I walked away and played to with another school friend of mine Dominiq. Matthew joined and we played an enjoyable game of touch!!! “ Lunch in five minutes” Mike explained!!! Boy was hungry!!! But we still had a game of touch to finish!!! The was five tries all!!! Beau put up a kick for Lepa and.... It was a try!!! Sadly I was on the losing side. But on the positive side we still had fun!!! “Man I’m hungry!!” I groaned......

All lined up in in our four teams it was time for lunch!!!! Team by team we entered the kitchen to receive our food!!! On the menu was sausage sizzles and fish burgers!!! “ Mmmmmm” I had already one skofed down my stomach and I was bound to have seconds!!! I was waiting for Mike to call out for seconds!!! “Line up if you want seconds!!!” I pushed my way to the front with my stomach still eager to digest more food!!! I took an AWESOME fish burger and then I was slightly full!!!! With the programme about to wrap up again, I had one more shot at goal and straight over!!!!!

With out a doubt this holiday programme was the best that I’ve been to!!!! sadly we wont see each other until December this year!!!! This has been the best two weeks of my life!!! “PLEASE COME BACK SOON YOUTH PRIDE!!!!”

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Translation drawing!!!

This term in Maths, we have been learning about Translation in Geometry. Coming into this activity of translation I had no idea of what it meant!!! But now I do!!!! Translation means to move the object with out rotating it or resizing it or re-drawing the object. Translation is all about moving things. In this example, we had to make a grid to show what Translation means. I drew to reptangles in a two by two shape formation!!!! It can go in so many places to the right side!!!!! ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yesterday there was a DESTRUCTIVE tornado that struck the innocent citizens of Albany in the North Shore district at around 3.00pm. Enormous winds that flew at 200/kmph and tore roofs off houses and lifted trucks and cars off the very ground. There has already one fatility with an innocent man getting trapped in these FIERCE WINDS!!!! And also multiple injuries to 10-15 people!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Picnic recount!!!!

Already my legs were pushed to its ‘BREAKING POINT!!!’ and we were only halfway down the track of the Point England reserve!!!! I was releived as much as my heart could get when the picnic grounds were in my sights!!!! “ YAH “ I thought as we settled into our picnic enviroment!!! “ At Long last, no more pain the long, but short to some walk is finally over!!!

As Mr Burt explained the rules for this fun day my first thought was to play cricket. “BORING!!!”
I quietly whispered to myself. I thought that Mr Burt said the this was going to be a quick five minute talk once we arrived there. It went on and on!! But at long last it was a sigh of relief when we knew that it was time to go “WILD” and “CRAZY!!!” But as usual the intermediate block had to find a good spot. My hopes of having an “ ULTRA AMAZING!!!” time was shattered, That was until.......

I stick to what I say and I’m going to do, and that I did!!! Already I was in the midts of an AWESOME game of cricket!!!! “These people are better than I intended!!!! I thought that I would easily bowl them out, but they put up a competative fight!!!!! I thought that I should have bowled harder balls , but yet they were still hitting the ball and finding a way to run. Inside I was ‘CRANKY’!!!! But I knew not to give up and also to fight on and my chance to bat would come.....And you know what, I did!!! And literally SMASHED the ball for MILES!!!!!

The end of the day was upon us. It was time to make our way back to school. A long walk was ahead of us after such a great day!!!!!!1

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Thank You Letter!!!!!

Dear Mr Aperahama.....

I would Like to THANK-YOU giving up your time for us and coming along to our camp and volunteering to help, and also you prepared our “MEAN HANGI!!!!” Even though I’ve had a lot in the past This was with out a doubt one of my FAVOURITE!!!!

Once again I appricaite you forcoming to camp “YOU ROCK!!!” And On Behalf of our camp I would like to thank you!!! GOD BLESS!!!!

From my dearest thoughts..
Love, Kayde.

Friday, March 25, 2011


This is a movie that I have crafted to show the different personalities and the korero at Pt England school. By Korero I mean that it is a weekly talk we have with our principal in the names of BIN IT...USE YOUR WITS And so on!!! This will show you little snapshots of how people use the Pt England in their own unique way!!!! This movie represents how people SUCCEED in doing the right things and having fun!!! 'SO I HOPE YOU ENJOY'.......


In a funny way I expected more of camp TC!!!! I didn’t know that our camp was at school I thought that It was gonna be fun and in the bush now that we are year 7/8. Well that was until miss explained that it was here at our very school. As we did in year 5 and 6 we would have been rollerblading, rock-climbing and bowling!!!! But that fun entertainment was saved for another day.....

Day 1 of camp TC kicked of with a hour and a half activity rotation!!!! Kayaking, team building, Mr Harris’ fun game, tent pitching with Mrs Nua and Hangi prep with Miss Tito!!! First up we had to do team building with Mr Barks and it certainly was one of my hardest activities to conquer!!! Secondly was Tent pitching to make our own special tent!!!!! Funnily enough this was one of my easiest activities!!!! And last we had Kayaking my MOST FAVOURITE...... Kayaking!!!! This year we had new kayaks.....sit on versions of an origanil ones!!! First impression you’d think that it it would be hard to control just looking at it!!!!

Finally the funnest nit of the day.... ‘MOVIE NIGHT’!!!! There was a range of a selection to choose from including Toy story 3, Dispicable me and willo!!! But Lucky for some, the rugby league NRL game was on between the Tigers and the Bulldogs!!! I went on to watch for my second time, Toy story 3 because I never heard of the other ones!!! EVER!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Another hard game after a sad loss!!!!!

After a poor loss to the wests tigers, the Vodafone Warriors have yet again another hard game in the making as they go head to head against the reigning 2010 premiers the St George Illawarra Dragons!!!!! Altough the Dragons recently last night lost to the Cronulla Sharks 16-10 in a poor game they are still a tough team after winning the world club challenge to Super League premiers St Helens 21-15!!!! And on the other hand the WARRIORS!!!! Coming off the back of two losses first going down 24-18 againts the Parramatta Eels and last week 20-12 to the wests tigers!!! ( Which they should of won!!!! If you live in NZ you might be able to go to this game which will be played at Mt Smart in Auckland NZ!!!! Hopefully the warriors can record their first win of the season!!! WARRIORS vs DRAGONS........ 'GO THE WARRIORS!!!!'

Friday, March 18, 2011


Here is a vicious game in the making as the MIGHTY vodafone Warriors look to topple the Wests Tigers. The Warriors have three changes to their team who recently lost to the parramatta eels. Kevin Locke comes in for the injured Glen Fishiahi'i , Isaac john come in for the suspened Jame Maloney and New Signing Krisnan Inu come in for the injured MANU 'THE BEAST' VATUVEI!!!!! Our biggest loss I think. You can catch all of the action from 10:00 pm N.Z time....and 8:00 ( NSW and VICTORIA) Australia time!!! On Saturday the 19th of March 2011 live from Leichart oval in Sydney Australia. Hopefully the three changes in the warriors team can DOMINATE the FIERCE tigers pack. And also the Tigers have one change in their team due to injuries. If The Warriors have any chance of taking the game, they are going to have to

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My AWESOME camp TC reflection!!!

Already camp TC is over and it was a bit of a BLAST!!!!! My highlight was ROCK UP, because it had CLASSIC games such as Archery.... Rockclimbing .....The alligator alley ( Which we were the first team to complete it )... Snowboard challenge.... and my Favourite..... the DUNKER!!!!

I really enjoyed the dunker because it had rotations that were fun in every way!!! And you Didn’t get tired of them!!!!

The most valuabale lesson that I learned is that..... If you bother tired people they can get really grumpy and won’t Co-operate together but if people have enough sleep you will get along!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011



Today is the first ever day of the year 7 and 8 camp TAKE CHARGE!!!!! I am in an Amazing team named in the THINKERZ!!! Already we have done Team Building, Hangi prep, Team Dance night practice, and my FAVOURITE da da da da.....KAYAKING!!!!
The Kayaking activity was a bit hard but considering my experience, I was under way in no time!!! The wind was calm and me and my mate Lepa were burning through the wind in our little double Kayak!!!! Due to our principal being in a boat at the time shock waves off his boat rebounded into us and we went FLYING!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to build an AMAZING tent!!!!!

HOW TO PITCH A TENT STEP BY STEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A list of equipment!!!
1. Unpack the Essential tent equipment which includes hammers, pegs, guy ropes and fibre glass poles which will make the structure of the tent!!!

1.Well the first step is to pull out all of the equipment that you need to build it!!!
2. ?Then unfold the base and frame of the tent flat onto the ground and you need to insure that the entrance to the tent is the right way
3.Then put in the metal pegs at a 45 degree angle and hammer the pegs down hard in to the ground!!!
4. Then with your hands get out the fibre glass put them in to the ground and slightly bend them and tie a bow onto it!!!
5.Then put the fly on top of the tent so that it can maintain its stability of its structure during high winds in the night!!!
6. And that is how you build a tent.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


This movie that I have just recently produced is about a korero.....CHAMPIONS NEVER GIVE UP!!!! And also to remind you that you should never give up even if you are in the Darkest of situations. So Enjoy, and......" CHAMPIONS NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Holiday Highlight!!!

Recently the Christmas national holidays have passed and I've just returned from Rotorua. On one cold Tuesday afternoon of these holidays, me and my cousin Taine headed down to the local pools. We slipped on our trunks and started having a pieceful swim, that was until the piece was broken and we started doing some bombs and staples!!!!!!

After a while we decided that it was time to go CRAZY and we started swinging on the tarzan rope they provided and started having turns on the running rocket!!!! “ Yeah we made it to the end then off the end we started doing MASSIVE Bombs, staples and gorillas!!!!” After about an hour or so we decided to cool down and go into the spa pool, but as crazy as we are, we done bombs and staples.That was literally the only way to drive people out of the spa.

Not long after there was a bombing competition. And, Because my cousin Taine lives in Rotorua he knew most of the boys who entered. As so, I entered but I was no match for a few boys. Out of all the boys there was a stand out star named Mavrick he ACED the bombing contest and prooved he could do bombs about 20 to 30 metres high!!!!!! “ All I could say was literally nothing” Then finally the bombing comp was over and me and my cousin thought that it wouldn’t hurt if we had one final turn on the tarzan swing and the running rocket!!!!!! Then at last it was time to go, so my dad picked us up we were on our way home.

Well day two of mine and my cousins incredible week kicked off at the blue lake at Rotorua. Yet again a swim. Our first thought was go out to the plontoon, and so we did. “Up to this day I still don’t know why it is so deep out where the plontoon is. Its a good 10-15 metres deep. But still it is fun out there. And because me and my cousin are adventurous and crazy, we made a risky decision to swim underneath it and swin to the other side. “ pheww risky but fun is what I had in mind!!

With the sun searing down on us at a blistering 31 degree hot temprutere me and my cousin decided to take our swim to the extreme!!!!! Knowing that it was a Risky thing to do for the extremeness, we Swum the length of the 15 metres to the bottom and touch the ground!!! “ Intense moments were on us as we struggled to capture at least a drop of air but then...... Yah we made it. “ Pheww I thought when I got that air I desperatly needed!!!!! And as so we done the routine again and again until it was time to go home!!!!!