Thursday, June 23, 2011

Football inventions!!!!

…..RUGBY BALL Invention.....

Richard Lindon and William Gilbert who lived in the late 17th century and the mid 18th century created rugby balls for there class. Mainly out of hand stitched, four-panel, leather casings and pigs' bladders. These men were also known for their shoe and rugby boot making!!!!!

A rugby ball is a style of football that originated from rugby ball in the United Kingdom. It is seen most prominently in two current sports, rugby league and rugby Union ( with the rugby world cup being hosted here in NEW ZEALAND ), and has influenced the development of others such other footballs like NFL ( American Football ), Canadian Football and AFL, Australia rules football, you’ll find that their balls are much, much smaller!!!

Rugby Union and American Football ( NFL ) are two VERY, VERY different sporting games!!!!! For starters, both sports are played on a field that is roughly 110 metres which is 120 yards long and about 50-55 metres wide, with the rugby field being slightly wider. Across the field, there are lines painted to indicate the different boundaries. These lines are about ten metres and yards apart from each other.

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  1. Hey Kayde

    It is great that you wanted to learn when the football was invented. I bet it would have been great to know who the inventers Richard Lindon and William Gilbert. I think I have seen a ball with the name Gilbert all over it

    Well keep up the good work
    Matthew T


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