Monday, November 22, 2010


"Ahhhh, the good old Abseiling activity, but for some, this should be designed for the con-course, Because it is a bit of De Jah Vu of fears.”. In just a few moments I was selected to take on this Monster first. With tons of experience in my back pocket of Abseiling I was, in the space of a minute at the top and ready for battle!!!

I can tell you that there was an AMAZING view of the Ocean. But that was shortly experienced for me as Camilla, ( The second instructor ) ordered me to face her. This was only so I could get this over and done with. I was honestly starting to stress when my shoes didn’t find any grip on the wall. But I overcame this and was enjoying myself. And no sooner I was halfway an ready to jump the rest of the way.

Enjoying Myself was my task for the day, and that I was. I didn’t even need to pace myself while I was jumping the rest of the way. I had reached the bottom of the Wall and all I had thought was, “ Can I do it again???” There was hardly anything holding me back as I had the Urge to do it again. “ABSEILING

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Top fifteeen League Players EVER!!

These top fifteen players will take you down a trip to memory lane of LEAGUE players!!!!!! I am going to list my top ten all time players!!!!! Here they are........

1. Andrew Johns
2. Wally Lewis
3. Arthur Beetson
4. Steve Mortimer
5. Bradley Clyde
6. Trevor "The Axe" Gilmaster
7. Mal Meninga
8. Steve Roach
9. Gary Jack
10. Ron Coote
11. Brett Kenny
12. Benny Elias
13. Laurie Daley
14. Paul Sirronen
15. Tommy Raudokins

And there you have it, my all time fifteen ten Players!!!!!I Hope you think that these players are AWESOME to!!!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is this the Final Decider???

This game, without a doubt will be the BEST game of the four nations!!! Or will it???? This, I reckon will decide the winner of the Four Nations final. Both these teams have already advanced.And also, people say that if the World Champion, Kiwi's win this four Nations tournament, they will go to First Ranking in the WORLD!!!! But, the Big question is, Do you think they will????

Now, lets start with how these teams have gone so far in this tournament. First of all, the New Zealand Kiwi's. The World Champion Kiwi's Have played two games and won both!! First they took on the England Lions and won that game, 24-10. They had a second Opponent, The Papua New Guini Kulmuls. With out any surprises, the Kiwi's Dominated the game and won, 76-12!!!! WHAT A SCORE!!!!!!! And that is how the Kiwi's entered the four nations final!!

And next, the world ranked number team, the Australian Kangaroos!!! This MAGNIFICENT team were alongside the Kiwi's to be the HOT favorites for this tournament!!! Just like the New Zealand Kiwi's, the Kangaroos advanced to the final by Playing two games, and winning both!!! First of all they took on the Papua New guini Kulums at Parramatta Australia. Just as everbody predicted, the Kangaroos DOMINATED the game and won, 42-0. Secondly they had to take on the team they defeated in the final last year, The England Lions!!! And again the Kangaroos won the game, 38-14.

Oh, and we can't forget about the Curtain raiser of this game will be the Papua New Guini Kulums take on the England Lions!!! Sadly, both of these teams have lost their two opening games and the winner of this will finish third in the four nations!!!! Not much hype went into this game, But both these teams Want to finish third in this tournament!!! GO THE KIWI'S!!!!!!