Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Top fifteeen League Players EVER!!

These top fifteen players will take you down a trip to memory lane of LEAGUE players!!!!!! I am going to list my top ten all time players!!!!! Here they are........

1. Andrew Johns
2. Wally Lewis
3. Arthur Beetson
4. Steve Mortimer
5. Bradley Clyde
6. Trevor "The Axe" Gilmaster
7. Mal Meninga
8. Steve Roach
9. Gary Jack
10. Ron Coote
11. Brett Kenny
12. Benny Elias
13. Laurie Daley
14. Paul Sirronen
15. Tommy Raudokins

And there you have it, my all time fifteen ten Players!!!!!I Hope you think that these players are AWESOME to!!!!!!


  1. Kia ora Kayde

    I really enjoyed scrolling down your list of Legendary League Players and I agree with SOME of your selections. I do wonder why players like Allan "Alfie" Langer and Laurie Daley haven't been mentioned?
    Anyway, I popped in here to thank you for your comment you left regarding our Room 19 movie 'Jesse'. Thanks for sharing the love and I will definitely be back in here to check out your latest posts about Rugby League.
    Kia ora ano
    Ms Tito x

  2. HI kayde
    I actually agree with some of the players you added in but I think you should of put in the magic man, Benji Marshall. He is a stunning player!
    Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog every now and then,

    God bless.
    By your good friend, Joshua.


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