Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kayde Friend Descreption

Matthew Ryan is my best friend in the whole school. We laugh at the same things, we're both clowns and he is very funny. Matthew likes rugby union and softball, (he plays for otahuhu softball club). Even outside of school we are still best friends.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My 2012 reflection

The year 2012 was a year that saw me achieve and fail at many tasks this year. But the thing I am most proud of is my sports, not only in school. I was the school under 55kg and open weight rugby league captain. But sadly in my class work I didn't manage to finish my tasks on time.

Sadly this year I think I have gone dummer. I don't know why when my teacher Ms Squires is one of the brainiest in our school. I really hope that next year in 2013 I hope at the college I go to, I excel in sports and also learning.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The first day of year 8 camp

My legs absolutely ached as I continued to run, although I could’ve walked it. Our year eights had started to take a 3km hike up and down the Ngaruawahia mountain range. Some people even struggled to make it ten metres up the hill. Mind you it was very steep.

“Finally” I screamed as we had finished our 2-3 hour hike. It was time to run down the last little bit of the walk then......”ooohhh”, I had tripped over a rock that was sticking out of the ground but wasn’t visible. Luckily I wasn’t hurt in anyway.

4:30 pm and it was finally free time. Arcade room,mud slide or pool. I ran straight to the pool. It was really fun swimming in the rain splashing around without worrying about getting much things wet. But the real stink let down was that we weren’t allowed to do bombs into the pool.

Our hour of free time was over and then time for showers that everyone was eager to go for. But then sadly the showers we so slow that you could barely feel it running on you. It was a shower so you had to appreciate it. I was back into some dry warm clothes and read to eat dinner.

“Um,Um, Nachos for dinner!” I was very happy to hear that we were having nachos for dinner. My plate was stacked with a lot of different calories and carbs. It contained chips,mince,onions,veges and sauce. Some people looked like they didn’t get fed at home going up for heaps of food. Although our school looked like starving pigs, thanks to ted and the cooks for cooking our food.

“Hahaha” the year eights laugh as the movie Nacho Libre played. Mr Barks and the crew had finally managed to get the sound working. But the had only managed to get it working at about 10.00 p.m so we only watch half of it the slowly went to bed. And like that the camp was quiet. Everyone asleep no sound. And that was the first day done and dusted from my point of view.

Friday, November 16, 2012

My writing sample, in the bush

My legs ached as we continued to walk. Although it was a cool day I was heating up like left over mince in the microwave. We had won a family trip for five to go on a four day trip including a walk through the Queensland rainforest in Australia. So far it had been an unbelievable experience. “I can’t wait for the swim”. I said to myself with excitement. “Come on boy, we’re nearly there.” My father yelled.

“WoooHooo” I cheered happily! We had made it to the creek. It was time to swim. My brother and I jumped and bombed from the tree. “KABOOM” The bomb went. I had been planted into the crystal clean water. I could feel something slithering up my leg.No I had been pulled in.

“Ahh” Its a crocodile. My mother screamed. It had taken a bite into my right leg. Blood quickly spread throughout the water. It was a pool of blood. Breathless I had somehow managed to get my head up and out of the water for air. I had a short glance of my family before I was pulled back down. My family was in disbelief. “NO” I screamed.

Awakening to the scene of an ambulance is a nightmare. For me a reality. Looking down my body my right leg was hanging on by a thread. “My son” Mum screamed. Sadly for the doctor his shoe was covered with vomit as I couldn’t bear the sight. “Into the ambulance, 3,2,1” The doctor demanded. From there on it was lights out.

Again I had awakened, but this time in the ambulance. I lifted my arm and I was as pale as mayonnaise. Surgery had to have been done quickly. But the nearest hospital was still 30 minutes away.

Somehow I was still alive as I had made it to the hospital. Finally we were there. Overhearing the doctors speaking, one of them said that I had sadly lost over fifty percent of my blood. I was rushed to surgery. I didn’t know I was going to survive with all that blood lost. Was I going to make it?

It was blurry as I looked around. Surrounded by my family I was in a hospital bed. It had been three days since my crocodile attack. I was in a coma for two days. The doctors didn’t know if I was going to survive.

I was stoked that I survived and even more happy to hear the news that the surgeons were able to reattach my leg while operating. “Thanks Doc; Oh yeah and one more thing; I am never swimming in an Australian creek again!” I said to the doctor.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kayde Beach Narrative

P.S Mr Burt if you read this please don't get offended.

It was a perfect day when my mate and I decided to spend the day at the beach. The scorching sun burnt me bright pink. Birds chirped, little kids ran having fun, men fishing off the point. I knew this was going to be an awesome day.

After a BIG feed I had, had enough of the water, so I dug little caves in the sand. My vision of it was to pour water through each hole. It would look awesome. So there I was digging away, then I happened to hit a solid in the ground. I started to get worried, who knows what could have been under there, anything. Kaiden and I had finally dug around it. It was old and rusted, and about the size of a baby whale, It happened to have words on the side of it saying machine on it.

“Arrghhh”.... We groaned as Kaiden and I pulled it out of the sand. People surrounded us and crowded making groups. The looks on their faces were disbelief I was scared and shocked not knowing what this thing could do. Because this old thing said time machine I thought what the heck, lets try it out.

I opened the door I was inside this portal I was scared not knowing would happen. I could die. The door was closed, the time set for 40 years. October 19th 1972. The Machine rumbled, I shook around. I don’t know why I chose this date. The portal door opened, I WAS SHOCKED. I looked around, I was still at the beach all alone with no money. It was so different. No park, no groyne and no changing rooms. I could see buildings up ahead.

“Hey its Point England School.” I said to myself. I saw no one I recognized. I walked over there in search of food. “I wonder If they have fruit in schools?” I asked myself. Walking into the school everyone looked at me thinking I had funny clothes. I was chased away. Back to the beach I went.

“Woohooo bullseye” A boy around my age was throwing rocks at the time machine. This boy looked familiar. I asked what his name was, he said Russell Burt. I was speechless, This man is my school princapal. Some how I persuaded him to fix the time machine. Lying to him I told it was a family fridge. With a few adjustments it was fixed. I was set to go back to the future.

I was in a hurry to get back to October 19th 2012. Closing the door of the portal two bullet holes shot through the wall. I entered the date shut my eyes. “Am I back?” I said to myself. Opening the doors....”How was it, what was it like?” Kaiden asked. Yes I was back. THE END.

Kayde Forest Narrative

Our task was to create a setting and scenario from this picture.

Breathing heavy I had made it to a hideout, a big camouflaged tree. I noticed to see this fierce gang walk passed. Putting my head down I realized it was the redcoat gang. These thugs take peoples food and money. They were after me because I didn’t give them what they wanted. I was ready to fight, but the forest was dim and gloomy I couldn’t see anything.

Luckily I had managed to regain my eye sight. I looked closer they were getting neared. My muscles tensed, Sadly I wasn’t strong enough to take all six of them on all I had was a cross-bow. I was put into a deep sleep as the water trickled on me.

This picture was taken from a game called assassins creed.

Rippa Rugby Tag

Last night on the 30-10-12 2012 I played my first game of the year for tag. My team is called Otahuhu Let Rip. We were entered in the South Auckland Papatoetoe Tuesday night competition. Our first game was against the Mangere East D-Doggs team. I knew it was going to be a hard game because they have been together for a couple of years now. Us a couple of weeks.

"Woooo, nice on Bayley" I said as he scored a run-away try. He had scored a two point try as he scored in the middle of the post. Two for the middle one for the side. After a while we got tired....Then BOOM they scored through their winger Max. They only managed a one point try. The whistle blew and the game was over. Happily we won 2-1.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joshua Iosefo Comes to P.E.S

“Wow!”, I am still left speechless as Mt Roskill Grammar student, and brown brother creator Joshua Iosefo came to our school and Inspired our students. By this I mean he bring comedy and most of all told us to do what we desire. He came from a low decial school and now look at him. Prefect of Mt Roskill Grammar school.

Joshua is a proud samoan, but doesn't know how to speak it, because when he came to our school he gave us a speech in Japanese. It was as if he was fluent in Japanese! I think that Joshua Iosefo is a cool humble student!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Year 7&8 Social

I walked into the hall door I was amazed with how it looked. I am talking about the P.E.S year 7&8 social. My hat goes off to the people that organized the night, the reason being is because at about 3.00pm the school hall was empty. Then Nek Minnit.....”BOOM”! I was stunned!

“Wasupp bro, far out you look skuxx” Is what I said when I saw my friend Nezinli. Little did I know that he would, later on in the night win the much talked about dougie contest. The phrase dougie is a dance move where you move your body side to side and shake your arms. It is a very popular move, not only at our school but all around the world.

All night most of us were requesting a song to dance to, It was called “Gangham Styles”.Kids jumped and jumped with craze, as the song played. Even towards the end of the song the students still went hard dancing away until the end of the song.

One thing that I haven’t mentioned, is my group of boys I was with for the night. Me (Kayde), Matthew R, and Matthew T. We call ourselves the three stooges. The reason
for this is that we are best friends and also we all had matching glasses.

All in all I think that this night was a real success, honestly. There was a feed, kids happily dancing and most of all it raised some money for the 2012 year 8 end of year camp. Thank you P.E.S prefects and intermediate staff for organizing this FUN night.

Friday, August 24, 2012

My 2012 Cross Country re-cap

My leg muscles ached, I was physically drained of energy. I nearly gave into the temptation of stopping to walk, but with the little bit of energy I had left I persevered. Suddenly I was hit with this sudden burst of energy, I made a quick sprint burst it was as if I was super-man.

The mud squelched as I ran through mud puddle after mud puddle. I was literally soaked in it. Though, it didn’t stop me then......”BOOM” I had miss placed my foot, I slipped into the ground. In doing so I gave up the lead. Even though it was in the bush walk, a muddy treacherous place, I was still surprised to have fallen.

Crossing the finish line was amazing! I was especially proud of myself because during the race there were times where I could have been lazy and stopped to walk. Luckily my fitness pulled through. Like last year I conquered the bush walk. Sort of like the story of David and Goliath!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Smoking Not our future!

Did you know that up to 90% of deaths from cancers or are caused by smoking.The more people continue to smoke the higher their chances of acquiring cancer. Pictures of the teeth and feet on the smoke packets aren’t to laugh at they are a warning! What most people don’t know  is that there are over 4000 chemicals in one smoke, some which are known to cause cancer such as Carbon Monoxide. These chemicals in smokes harden your arteries and this can cause circulation problems sometimes leading to one of your body parts being amputated. My Advice DON’T SMOKE.

“Mum can I have some lollies?” “Sorry but mum’s broke”! This is what people say when up to 105 dollars a week is spent on packets of smokes. That’s approximately $5000 thousand a year if you smoke a pack a day. In future generations this is what your kids could be saying to you. DON’T SMOKE.

Trying to be cool and popular isn't always the wisest thing to do, especially when talking about smoking. Sometimes you need to be strong-minded to stand up to others who are trying to influence you into smoking.

As we stated earlier smoking can increase the risk of disease, it can affect your appearance and waste your money. If you are a kid of the age 11-18 and you are reading this please don’t start! DON’T SMOKE.

Running animation.

Over the past couple of weeks our cool teacher Ms Squires set us a task to do. It was to create an animation with a figure running. Also we had to make a soundtrack for the movie using garageband. Enjoy......

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Valerie Adams Falls Short Of Gold!

Mixed feelings showed on Valerie Adams face as she won a silver medal at the 2012 London olympic games. Sadly she was not able to win back the gold medal from the previous 2008 beijing games. Adams was visibly upset as she threw not one, not two but three illegal throws. The gold medalist, Nadzeya Ostapchuk of Belarus threw an amazing throw of 21.36m. Valerie has never thrown this far! There is still hope for the 2016 Rio De Janeiro games.

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Friday, August 3, 2012


Last night NZ time the first New Zealand gold medals were claimed at Eton Dorney at the London 2012 Olympic games. Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan came from third place early on to win first place in the mens lightweight double sculls in the rowing. Everyone in NZ was behind them. WELL DONE BOYS! These now put New Zealand 19th on the medal table.....
It was an ENTREATING race! NZ were 5th with 500m to go. Then out of no where they fought hard and won GOLD!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Brown Brother - The Amazing Speech!


Joshua Iosefo is a Mt Roskill prefect who was asked to do a speech about his life for polynesians. In his poem he has stated that anyone with faith can graduate and go on with their dream. Dedication, Desire and Determination. These are the three things that polynesians and Maori need to strive to succeed and to believe.

Sometimes people can say negative things, or good things, also people look at the skin colour and think bad about people. These people are called stereotypes. People look at asians and think they can't drive. Is that true?

The message to me was to not limit yourself and to reach for the stars and that you can achieve more than you think you can and that limiting yourself will only make you achieve lower.  Then you won’t be able to reach your full potential.

For more info,pictures and the video go to:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

NSW vs QLD Game 3 Decider!

On Wednesday July 4th 2012 the state of origin decider will be played at suncorp stadium in Queensland. It will be the QLD maroons vs the NSW blues. Queensland fullback will be in doubt after injurying his knee in game 2. The first game played QLD won 18-10, and in game 2 NSW won 16-12. Here the NSW squad and the most likley team.........

NEW SOUTH WALES                                  
1.Brett Stewart (Sea-Eagles)                                                                                                                                                      2.Jarryd Hayne (Eels)
3.Josh Morris (Bulldogs)                                                                           
4.Michael Jennings (Panthers)                                                                        
5.Brett Morris (Dragons)                                                                        
6.Todd Carney (Sharks)                                                                        
7.Mitchell Pearce (Roosters)                                                                        
8.Tim Grant (Panthers)                                                                        
9.Robbie Farrah (Tigers)                                                                        
10.James Tamou (Cowboys)                                                                      
11.Glen Stewart (If fit enough)/Greg Bird (Titans/Sea-Eagles)                                                                       
12.Anthony Watmough (Sea-Eagles)                                                                      
13.Paul Gallen (c) (Sharks)                                                                      
14.Luke Lewis (Panthers)                                                                      
15.Tony Williams (Sea-Eagles)                                                                      
16.Trent Merrin (Dragons)                                                                      
17.Ben Creagh (Dragons)

18th man: Beau Scott (Dragons)                                                                    

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Description of my friend (Matthew)

Sometimes we fight but most of the times we get along like normal friends do and should. We play in the same league team and go to the same school. But the most weird thing of all, our personalities are so different! For instance, He likes video games, I don’t. The most important thing is we get along!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Warriors vs Panthers

Last night on the 11th of June 2012, This was the sight as the Vodafone Warriors broke a two game losing streak. There was no better team to beat than the Penrith Panthers as in previous home games the Panthers Had defeated Manly Sea-Eagles and the Dragons! And With Kevin Locke returning from a sternum injury he would have a good battle with opposing fullback Lachlan Coote. The Warriors went on to win 30-16.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Avengers!

On the 21st of May 2012 I witnessed one of the most amazing movies in my life! But it can't beat my all time favourite Back To The Future. In this movie it stars marvels, the incredible Hulk,Captain America,Thor,Iron Man and Hawk Eye. It is called marvels The Avengers!

My favourite scene in this movie is when the villain says to Hulk "I am you lord and I will not put up with being bullied!" The Nek Minute Hulk smashes him around not once but about five times. From a scale of one to ten I rate this movie 9.5 out of 10. I hope you watch it some time!

Kiwi Kick Recount!

Walking to the courts I looked up to the sky and it looked as if it was going to rain. “I wonder if this is going to be called off” I thought in my head.My teeth chattered back and forth. Goose bumps emerged on my skin as I arrived and I couldn’t bear the coldness.

Sam (samwhich) and a lady called Anita were the tutors who will teach us about kiwi kick. With a bit of experience from last year we weren’t that bad! Last year Sam was also our AFL teacher accompanied with a guy named Abe.

In kiwi kick there is a style of kick called the drop punt. There is a rhyme called laces away from faces. That is the best technique to use for this kick as the ball could drop out your hands, you kick it and it goes straight into your face. And now for a tip. If you attempt this kick the ball as low as you can.

“Got you Kayde” My mate Cruz yelled as he nipped my shirt. I had been tagged meaning that I had to sit on the ground until the person who tagged me was caught. This game was cool but at the same time challenging. But for me it was a piece of cake! Funny enough.

I remember another of the games that we played. We had to drop punt the ball and either hit Sam,Anita or the pole which was about 2 inches wide. But the most challenging thing to kick to was the net. The points were 1 if you hit the tutors, 3 if you hit the pole and 5 if you get in in the net. We had two attempts each. First attempt I scored two points hitting the pole and the second, not so good. But it was still fun!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Picasso and Matisse Comparison

In their time span Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse were very good painters and friends. Pablo Picasso was born on october 25th 1881 in Malaga Spain. On the other hand Henri Matisse was born on December 31st 1869 in Le Cateau-Cambr’esis, Nord. In this piece of writing I will be comparing and contrasting two paintings. The Weeping women and women with a hat.

In Henri Matisse’s painting (women with a hat) he has tried to used a new style of art called fauvism. New then but now a days it has been used a lot! In Pablo Picasso’s art work it evokes sadness with his wife crying during the war. Not much people liked it at the time but now it is much famous!

In both of the paintings the artists have used dark outlines and bright backgrounds.The bright colour yellow shades in the background of Pablo Picasso’s weeping woman with a brown coloured nose. Also green comes onto the canvas overrunning her body with a orange hat. Now to Henri Matisse’s lady with a hat. In his painting he has introduced mostly dark outlines on the lady. The background is an expression with a lot of different colours on the wall. Such as green,white, light pink and so on. So what I’m saying is that they are colourful.

Two different perspectives or angles were used in Picasso’s painting as in Henri Matisse’s it is based on one with the body of the woman. As I said earlier this is called cubism. Most of Picasso’s lines are straight and pointy (not detailed at all). In Henri Matisse’s painting it is more realistic and detailed. This is a new type of art called fauvism.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The next Benji Marshall

"The next Benji Marshall they say!" Yes Shaun Johnson has been a mean stepper and has a good whack on him like Kiwis Captain Benji Marshall. And yes both of them are Kiwis. Last year Warriors standoff Shaun Johnson was nominated for rookie of the year award. By purchasing a pack of this years NRL select cards you could get a card called Shaun Johnson rookie standout. And they can also score and make something out of nothing!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My mihi

Kia ora, this is my mihi.Hope you enjoy.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Vodafone Warriors vs Brisbane Broncos

30-20 was the final score as the second placed Broncos took on the 12th placed Warriors at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland New Zealand. 19,000 tickets were pre sold before the game. That means that with a big crowd, this would be a GREAT game!

"RRRRRRRR" The Whistle blew to signal the beginning of the game. Three minutes had passed and already the Warriors crossed foe their first four pointer, scored by rookie Ben Henry. The Kick peeled over the post making the score 6-0 In favour of the Warriors. Then By the 20 minute mark the visitors (the broncos) were in the lead by 10-6. That was two quick tries to Jack Reed and Alex Glenn. I thought that Jack Reeds was a no try.

12-10 the Warriors were back in the lead with a try to Shaun Johnson. It was a very scrappy try. With about 6 minutes until half time the warriors crossed over again through Elijah Taylor making the score 18-10. In the 38th minute Returning star Jacob Lillyman scored his first try of 2012. Going into half-time the Warriors were leading 24-10.

Ben Te'o the new Rabbits Star crossed over the try line in the 48th minute setting up the game for a grand stand finish. Half an hour of nail biting passed before the game was all but sealed. When Leading off loader Feleti Mateo scored with six minutes until full time at this point the score was 30-16. The Dying stages of the game was upon the teams when Sam Thiday of the Brisbane broncos broke the line and scored a consolation try. It was a great game!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Vincent Van Gough Starry Night

Painted in the year 1889 Vincent Van Gough painted a piece of artwork that, to this day is in art galleries over the world. It is called Starry Night. In this painting the artist used flicky brush strokes. With the strokes that he paints with, it looks as if the art is alive!

Daniella Hulmes Abundance

Daniella Hulmes is a New Zealand painter who is origanally from Hollland. Earlier in her life she trained to become a nurse. She came to NZ in 1981 and got married to a Samoan man. After Being in a art class in high school she wanted to be an artist. So Her husband, one day bought her an easil.
In the early 1990’s Daniella had a business in fashion knitwear design for children.  Also for four years from 1994 onwards she had a business in pottery. In the following year (1999) She was a finalist for the Waitakare license trust award.

Bright Colours like pink,red,yellow,blue and green are what colours she would use. It stands out as her paintings are based on the islands. For example she would have a brown skinned figure and she would be in a vibrant pink colour. She has and Awesome technuqie with a big bold outline.Daniella paints with bright vibrant colours.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Waikato Chiefs

I am AMAZED how far the Waikato Chiefs have come in the super 15 investec 2012 rugby season. Currently on top of not only the NZ conference but first in the Australian and South African conference! With several wins and Only two losses they are sure to take it out this year. Before I go I would like to say....."GO THE CHIEFS!"

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Using the internet in the right way!

Kia Ora! This is a movie about how to use the internet in the right way. I have put on this movie as you will see four examples of this! Blogging, Maths Whizz, Google docs and Pt england ( Our school ) Website! I had fun animating this video and I hope that you will have fun watching it! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hydro-Slide show not tell!

“You’re up next,” Mr Harris announced as I looked out to the diving board on top of the slide. I wasn’t nervous. The green light flickered, and I leapt into the tunnel. Nothing but my skin was on the slide as I raced down at the speed of lightning! Light shone in my eyes as I neared the end. It was over. What fun!

Monday, March 26, 2012

My The Amazing race experience!

"Goooooooooo" Mr Barks yelled as the amazing race was announced. To complete it we had to collect four items, wood, a flint like thing, some matches and an egg. I ran as fast as I could to get to the reserve! I caught up with one of my companions Nezinli. I thought yah he might have some water. But no. We arrived at our final leg by the fire sight! With all four items we were ready to start our fire to cook our egg!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vodafone Warriors vs Gold Coast Titans!

Tomorrow night on the 24th of march 2012 the vodafone warriors will come face to face with the gold coast titans! This is sure to be a great game. But sadly last week both teams suffered a loss. The Titans were smashed by the storm and the warriors went down 32-18 to the bulldogs. So Both teams want a win so this will be hard fought!

The Warriors have got skill all through out their back line and their forward line. But last week The warriors didn't use it to their full potentials. The have stars like Kevin Locke, Shaun Johnson and Ben Matulino! They nearly won last week but let in two tries that put the icing on the cake for the doggies!

Now the Titans The Gold coast titans are like the warriors full potential all over the park. But they like the warriors have only won once and are sitting on two points! Meaning they have only won once. So this game will have a lot of similarities! But there is one thing I have to say....."GO THE WARRIORS!!!"

Friday, March 16, 2012

My 2012 NRL Team!

Here is my team that I am putting forward as my dream team!

1. Billy Slater (Strom)
2.Darius Boyd(Knights)
3.Tony Williams (Sea-Eagles)
4.Greg Inglis (Rabbitohs)
5.Manu Vatuvei (Warriors)
6.Kurt Gidley (c)
7. Jonathan Turston
8.Petro Civonaceva(Broncos)
9.Robbie Farrah (Tigers)
10.Matt Scott(Cowboys)
11.Sam Burgess (Rabbitohs)
12.Anthony Watmough(Sea-Eagles)
13.Paul Gallen (Sharks)
14.Cooper Cronk (Storm)
15. Luke Bailey(Titans)
16.Feleti Mateo(Warriors)
17.Dean Halatau(Bulldogs)

Warriors vs Bulldogs!

On Sunday the 18th of march 2012. The top of the table Bulldogs will take on the Warriors at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland NZ. Both of the teams are coming of wins as the Bulldogs defeated the 2010 champs the dragons 30-4. Their opponents the warriors have also come off a win 36-20 against the eels. This will be a scintillating game!

After smashing the eels 36-20, the vodafone warriors will be looking for back to back wins for the first time this year. If they perform like they did last Monday night, then they should be able to defeat the bulldogs! If the Warriors shut down the doggies halves Reynoldes and Hodkinson they will have a great chance of winning.

On to the Bulldogs. The Canterbury bulldogs have had back-to-back wins moving them to the top of the table. Also the doggies have huge forwards that can bust through any defence line. But if the warriors shut them down then it maybe the warriors on top. So all I can say is..... "GO THE WARRIORS!"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Camp Reflection Day 2!

"Who let the dogs out?" The jump jam song beated in the background as we danced to the classic. Jump Jam was an awesome way to start the day. Warming up our blood is such a great way to start a day! Tomorrow will be the only other time to do this as it is the last day! I wish that camp was for an eternity!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My writing assesment

The view was AMAZING! Marching down to the picnic, you could see the sun's reflection flickering on the waters surface. In my head I could just see visions of how much fun we would be having at our annual school picnic. Upon our arrival we were asked to sit down.The day was just about to unfold.

“Strike three your out” Mr Jacobson yelled as I swung for the softball once again. I walked to the back of the line with my head hung down to the ground.But in a matter of time it was again raised as I smashed the ball for a home run. “BOOYAH” I thought in my head at that moment! After my adrenaline calmed down, I went away in search of something else to do. Immediately my stomach rumbled and I knew what.

The sweetness of it was amazing! My teeth gashed its way into my watermelon. My stomach was soon filled. Sitting up one the bank I could see team 3 splashing and diving as the indulged themselves into the water. I thought “ Man I wish I had bought my togs with me. What a bummer!

“Watch out Kayde, Joe is coming” Matthew screamed at the top of his lungs! We had started a game of tiggy. I sprinted and swerved, and crouched down below Mrs Slade's car. " I think we lost him bro," I whispered to Matthew. But then the next minute we were spotted. We had no choice but to run for it as the chasers closed in on us. We were out in an instant as Joe had set up a trap!

Feeling exhausted after that hardcore game of tiggy the end of the day had come .I can barely go on as our school took the walk back to school. Physically drained, it was as if a giant pulled out a humongous straw and drank out of me. But I still had that bit of energy Left and I made it back to school. “AAAH” I muttered to myself! What a stinker, that was my last picnic of my PES life.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Think Before you post inform

Too often these days kids about the ages between 12-18 are posting stupid things online about other people or themselves. Do you ever think about the ramifications? What might happen to you ?. So I urge you to think about what your going to post and where exactly you are posting it.

If you posted something disrespectful about someone imagine how hurt they will feel. You need to remember to put yourself in their shoes , think how they would feel if you told all of your friend's on Facebook. So just remember to always think how other would feel if they saw that.

I encourage you to only do the appropriate things online, because later on in life it could come back to bite you. But If you were to apply for a job, future employers would like to see positive footprint if they search your name, and not the other.

So be really cautious and always think about the consequences, and what might happen.

A Sad person

“Mmmmmh” groaned the boy all alone in the corner. He cried heavily like something that he had wanted had gone down hill and he never got it at all. His face drooped, Mouth was frowned, eyes covered with water. He was in a really dull moment when everything in the world didn’t matter to him nothing except that one thing. Everything he planned , none of it mattered anymore.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Scruffy Description

The Jealous younger brother of Duffy, Scruffy has a 100% different personality to his older brother Duffy. But there were ways that Scruffy could try to convince Duffy to play and even hang with him. But there was one thing that the two brothers had in common, their last name.
Scruffy and Duffy are from a NZ national Book reading show club. And thier group previously visited our great school Pt England. With a show called, “THE BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD!” Here is a scene that is from the play.

“But Piri Weepu is here”, mumbled Scruffy. Scruffy stamped and smashed his feet on the ground as Duffy said five minutes and then I will play with you guys. Pushed to the limit, Scruffy had to come up with a different idea. Struggling, Scruffy really wanted to play rugby with Duffy and Manu. Near the ground Scruffy slouched as Duffy said no once again.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stuck in the snow

As the wind blew, my teeth chattered in a back and forth motion. It was as If a ghost just passed through my body. “AAGH” I muttered as I shivered. “ I wish I was back at home asleep”!

The wind blew so fast that it swept me off my feet. I was not able to maintain my ground. Falling to the ground it was as if I just collapased on to rock hard cement. Not even my jacket could comfort me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Poem about me

When I am older, with my life I hope tp go far
succeeding as a rugby league star,
I could be happy and stoked,
but I might not get any where with my jokes,
In the grand final 2011 they fell,
but I still support the warriors in the NRL,
I can go far with faith in my mother,
also I have to be a brave big brother,
I am little so I might gat bashed around a bit,
but that's alright because I am pretty fit,
People wont look at me and think Kayde who,
I'll become unforgettable, that's what I'll do.