Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hydro-Slide show not tell!

“You’re up next,” Mr Harris announced as I looked out to the diving board on top of the slide. I wasn’t nervous. The green light flickered, and I leapt into the tunnel. Nothing but my skin was on the slide as I raced down at the speed of lightning! Light shone in my eyes as I neared the end. It was over. What fun!


  1. Hi Kayde,

    You have some very good vocabulary Kayde I liked the way you used at the speed of lightning you are a very talented writer and I hope that you can keep posting great posts.

  2. Wow Kayde,
    That was a cool way to describe what, and how you went down the slide. the paragraph kept me hooked in the entire way. Keep up the great work
    Cruz :)


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