Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vodafone Warriors vs Gold Coast Titans!

Tomorrow night on the 24th of march 2012 the vodafone warriors will come face to face with the gold coast titans! This is sure to be a great game. But sadly last week both teams suffered a loss. The Titans were smashed by the storm and the warriors went down 32-18 to the bulldogs. So Both teams want a win so this will be hard fought!

The Warriors have got skill all through out their back line and their forward line. But last week The warriors didn't use it to their full potentials. The have stars like Kevin Locke, Shaun Johnson and Ben Matulino! They nearly won last week but let in two tries that put the icing on the cake for the doggies!

Now the Titans The Gold coast titans are like the warriors full potential all over the park. But they like the warriors have only won once and are sitting on two points! Meaning they have only won once. So this game will have a lot of similarities! But there is one thing I have to say....."GO THE WARRIORS!!!"

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  1. Hey Kayde, what a awesome game and what a awesome post as well. Good luck to the Warriors for the rest of the season.

    Keep up the awesome post from your friend Joe and Go The Warriors


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