Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kayde Beach Narrative

P.S Mr Burt if you read this please don't get offended.

It was a perfect day when my mate and I decided to spend the day at the beach. The scorching sun burnt me bright pink. Birds chirped, little kids ran having fun, men fishing off the point. I knew this was going to be an awesome day.

After a BIG feed I had, had enough of the water, so I dug little caves in the sand. My vision of it was to pour water through each hole. It would look awesome. So there I was digging away, then I happened to hit a solid in the ground. I started to get worried, who knows what could have been under there, anything. Kaiden and I had finally dug around it. It was old and rusted, and about the size of a baby whale, It happened to have words on the side of it saying machine on it.

“Arrghhh”.... We groaned as Kaiden and I pulled it out of the sand. People surrounded us and crowded making groups. The looks on their faces were disbelief I was scared and shocked not knowing what this thing could do. Because this old thing said time machine I thought what the heck, lets try it out.

I opened the door I was inside this portal I was scared not knowing would happen. I could die. The door was closed, the time set for 40 years. October 19th 1972. The Machine rumbled, I shook around. I don’t know why I chose this date. The portal door opened, I WAS SHOCKED. I looked around, I was still at the beach all alone with no money. It was so different. No park, no groyne and no changing rooms. I could see buildings up ahead.

“Hey its Point England School.” I said to myself. I saw no one I recognized. I walked over there in search of food. “I wonder If they have fruit in schools?” I asked myself. Walking into the school everyone looked at me thinking I had funny clothes. I was chased away. Back to the beach I went.

“Woohooo bullseye” A boy around my age was throwing rocks at the time machine. This boy looked familiar. I asked what his name was, he said Russell Burt. I was speechless, This man is my school princapal. Some how I persuaded him to fix the time machine. Lying to him I told it was a family fridge. With a few adjustments it was fixed. I was set to go back to the future.

I was in a hurry to get back to October 19th 2012. Closing the door of the portal two bullet holes shot through the wall. I entered the date shut my eyes. “Am I back?” I said to myself. Opening the doors....”How was it, what was it like?” Kaiden asked. Yes I was back. THE END.

Kayde Forest Narrative

Our task was to create a setting and scenario from this picture.

Breathing heavy I had made it to a hideout, a big camouflaged tree. I noticed to see this fierce gang walk passed. Putting my head down I realized it was the redcoat gang. These thugs take peoples food and money. They were after me because I didn’t give them what they wanted. I was ready to fight, but the forest was dim and gloomy I couldn’t see anything.

Luckily I had managed to regain my eye sight. I looked closer they were getting neared. My muscles tensed, Sadly I wasn’t strong enough to take all six of them on all I had was a cross-bow. I was put into a deep sleep as the water trickled on me.

This picture was taken from a game called assassins creed.

Rippa Rugby Tag

Last night on the 30-10-12 2012 I played my first game of the year for tag. My team is called Otahuhu Let Rip. We were entered in the South Auckland Papatoetoe Tuesday night competition. Our first game was against the Mangere East D-Doggs team. I knew it was going to be a hard game because they have been together for a couple of years now. Us a couple of weeks.

"Woooo, nice on Bayley" I said as he scored a run-away try. He had scored a two point try as he scored in the middle of the post. Two for the middle one for the side. After a while we got tired....Then BOOM they scored through their winger Max. They only managed a one point try. The whistle blew and the game was over. Happily we won 2-1.

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