Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kayde Beach Narrative

P.S Mr Burt if you read this please don't get offended.

It was a perfect day when my mate and I decided to spend the day at the beach. The scorching sun burnt me bright pink. Birds chirped, little kids ran having fun, men fishing off the point. I knew this was going to be an awesome day.

After a BIG feed I had, had enough of the water, so I dug little caves in the sand. My vision of it was to pour water through each hole. It would look awesome. So there I was digging away, then I happened to hit a solid in the ground. I started to get worried, who knows what could have been under there, anything. Kaiden and I had finally dug around it. It was old and rusted, and about the size of a baby whale, It happened to have words on the side of it saying machine on it.

“Arrghhh”.... We groaned as Kaiden and I pulled it out of the sand. People surrounded us and crowded making groups. The looks on their faces were disbelief I was scared and shocked not knowing what this thing could do. Because this old thing said time machine I thought what the heck, lets try it out.

I opened the door I was inside this portal I was scared not knowing would happen. I could die. The door was closed, the time set for 40 years. October 19th 1972. The Machine rumbled, I shook around. I don’t know why I chose this date. The portal door opened, I WAS SHOCKED. I looked around, I was still at the beach all alone with no money. It was so different. No park, no groyne and no changing rooms. I could see buildings up ahead.

“Hey its Point England School.” I said to myself. I saw no one I recognized. I walked over there in search of food. “I wonder If they have fruit in schools?” I asked myself. Walking into the school everyone looked at me thinking I had funny clothes. I was chased away. Back to the beach I went.

“Woohooo bullseye” A boy around my age was throwing rocks at the time machine. This boy looked familiar. I asked what his name was, he said Russell Burt. I was speechless, This man is my school princapal. Some how I persuaded him to fix the time machine. Lying to him I told it was a family fridge. With a few adjustments it was fixed. I was set to go back to the future.

I was in a hurry to get back to October 19th 2012. Closing the door of the portal two bullet holes shot through the wall. I entered the date shut my eyes. “Am I back?” I said to myself. Opening the doors....”How was it, what was it like?” Kaiden asked. Yes I was back. THE END.

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