Friday, November 25, 2011


Hook- My Racket swerved through the air as I played my first shot of the day in this new experience. I was nervous, but in the blink of an eye it was over, my first shot was a success. I thought to myself “king of the court”, I was so cocky. Then Nek minnit I was gone.

Para 1- “ Are we done yet” I groaned to myself as our tennis tutor rambled on about the forearm shot. “Its supposed to glide through the wind” He explained. I kept saying to myself be patent Kayde, it will be over soon. I needed to learn these shots to succeed .Like my Dad always said “ You wont go far in life with your ears painted on”.

Para 2- A challenge was laid out on the plate from our tennis teacher. The challenge was to hit the as many times as you could with out making touch the ground. I thought, ohh piece of cake! Its actually not as easy as it looks or sounds. “BANG,BANG” The sounds of the ball hitting the racket then going on to hit the pavement. “ Ohh it can’t get any worse then that. “WWWWW” The whistle blew. I thought “Hmm whats next”.

Para 3- There’s a saying in life practise, practise, practise makes you perfect. Luckily that was the case for me as our tutor dished out another challenge for us. With the ball hit it with the racket on the sides as much times as you can again with out making it fall to the ground. A new record for me was set when, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, hits of the ball I done before hitting the hard concrete ground. “Bring on the next challenge!”

Para 4- “YEAH BUDDY”, the tennis tournament began, and I was over the moon to have it started! All the skills that we had learnt would be put to use. The forearm shot. My real challenge was Matthew, aka (our class clown). We twisted and turned as the ball was fired at each other, fluke shots were being pulled of until. Gone, I hadn’t kept my on the ball, and just like that the ball flew past my waist. “
NO!” I screamed.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Magnetic Field

Do you wanna know what a magnetic field is? Well a magnetice field is cause because of an eletric charge.If it wasn't for this magnetic field, down to the ground our planets would drop. A magnetic field can also be created by the spin magnetic dipole moment, and by the orbital magnetic dipole moment of an electron within an atom.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MI quiz

Today, courtesy of the online MI quiz, we took a test to see what type of smarts we were. As you can see in this picture there is People smart, Myself smart,music smart,Number smart,Picture smart, Word smart and Body smart. You can see in this picture that I am independent, myself smart person. Myself smart means that you like working by yourself and doing things and sporting on your own.