Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joshua Iosefo Comes to P.E.S

“Wow!”, I am still left speechless as Mt Roskill Grammar student, and brown brother creator Joshua Iosefo came to our school and Inspired our students. By this I mean he bring comedy and most of all told us to do what we desire. He came from a low decial school and now look at him. Prefect of Mt Roskill Grammar school.

Joshua is a proud samoan, but doesn't know how to speak it, because when he came to our school he gave us a speech in Japanese. It was as if he was fluent in Japanese! I think that Joshua Iosefo is a cool humble student!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Year 7&8 Social

I walked into the hall door I was amazed with how it looked. I am talking about the P.E.S year 7&8 social. My hat goes off to the people that organized the night, the reason being is because at about 3.00pm the school hall was empty. Then Nek Minnit.....”BOOM”! I was stunned!

“Wasupp bro, far out you look skuxx” Is what I said when I saw my friend Nezinli. Little did I know that he would, later on in the night win the much talked about dougie contest. The phrase dougie is a dance move where you move your body side to side and shake your arms. It is a very popular move, not only at our school but all around the world.

All night most of us were requesting a song to dance to, It was called “Gangham Styles”.Kids jumped and jumped with craze, as the song played. Even towards the end of the song the students still went hard dancing away until the end of the song.

One thing that I haven’t mentioned, is my group of boys I was with for the night. Me (Kayde), Matthew R, and Matthew T. We call ourselves the three stooges. The reason
for this is that we are best friends and also we all had matching glasses.

All in all I think that this night was a real success, honestly. There was a feed, kids happily dancing and most of all it raised some money for the 2012 year 8 end of year camp. Thank you P.E.S prefects and intermediate staff for organizing this FUN night.