Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Using the internet in the right way!

Kia Ora! This is a movie about how to use the internet in the right way. I have put on this movie as you will see four examples of this! Blogging, Maths Whizz, Google docs and Pt england ( Our school ) Website! I had fun animating this video and I hope that you will have fun watching it! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hydro-Slide show not tell!

“You’re up next,” Mr Harris announced as I looked out to the diving board on top of the slide. I wasn’t nervous. The green light flickered, and I leapt into the tunnel. Nothing but my skin was on the slide as I raced down at the speed of lightning! Light shone in my eyes as I neared the end. It was over. What fun!

Monday, March 26, 2012

My The Amazing race experience!

"Goooooooooo" Mr Barks yelled as the amazing race was announced. To complete it we had to collect four items, wood, a flint like thing, some matches and an egg. I ran as fast as I could to get to the reserve! I caught up with one of my companions Nezinli. I thought yah he might have some water. But no. We arrived at our final leg by the fire sight! With all four items we were ready to start our fire to cook our egg!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vodafone Warriors vs Gold Coast Titans!

Tomorrow night on the 24th of march 2012 the vodafone warriors will come face to face with the gold coast titans! This is sure to be a great game. But sadly last week both teams suffered a loss. The Titans were smashed by the storm and the warriors went down 32-18 to the bulldogs. So Both teams want a win so this will be hard fought!

The Warriors have got skill all through out their back line and their forward line. But last week The warriors didn't use it to their full potentials. The have stars like Kevin Locke, Shaun Johnson and Ben Matulino! They nearly won last week but let in two tries that put the icing on the cake for the doggies!

Now the Titans The Gold coast titans are like the warriors full potential all over the park. But they like the warriors have only won once and are sitting on two points! Meaning they have only won once. So this game will have a lot of similarities! But there is one thing I have to say....."GO THE WARRIORS!!!"

Friday, March 16, 2012

My 2012 NRL Team!

Here is my team that I am putting forward as my dream team!

1. Billy Slater (Strom)
2.Darius Boyd(Knights)
3.Tony Williams (Sea-Eagles)
4.Greg Inglis (Rabbitohs)
5.Manu Vatuvei (Warriors)
6.Kurt Gidley (c)
7. Jonathan Turston
8.Petro Civonaceva(Broncos)
9.Robbie Farrah (Tigers)
10.Matt Scott(Cowboys)
11.Sam Burgess (Rabbitohs)
12.Anthony Watmough(Sea-Eagles)
13.Paul Gallen (Sharks)
14.Cooper Cronk (Storm)
15. Luke Bailey(Titans)
16.Feleti Mateo(Warriors)
17.Dean Halatau(Bulldogs)

Warriors vs Bulldogs!

On Sunday the 18th of march 2012. The top of the table Bulldogs will take on the Warriors at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland NZ. Both of the teams are coming of wins as the Bulldogs defeated the 2010 champs the dragons 30-4. Their opponents the warriors have also come off a win 36-20 against the eels. This will be a scintillating game!

After smashing the eels 36-20, the vodafone warriors will be looking for back to back wins for the first time this year. If they perform like they did last Monday night, then they should be able to defeat the bulldogs! If the Warriors shut down the doggies halves Reynoldes and Hodkinson they will have a great chance of winning.

On to the Bulldogs. The Canterbury bulldogs have had back-to-back wins moving them to the top of the table. Also the doggies have huge forwards that can bust through any defence line. But if the warriors shut them down then it maybe the warriors on top. So all I can say is..... "GO THE WARRIORS!"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Camp Reflection Day 2!

"Who let the dogs out?" The jump jam song beated in the background as we danced to the classic. Jump Jam was an awesome way to start the day. Warming up our blood is such a great way to start a day! Tomorrow will be the only other time to do this as it is the last day! I wish that camp was for an eternity!