Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hokey Pokey

A huge wonder of the world for me was making a tantalizing delicacies called Hokey
Pokey,Mmm.....Hokey Pokey. Fat foods including sugar dissolved in just an instant along with Maple syrup which also dissolved, forming my long time favourite Hokey Pokey. But to top it off and taste experimentally food like. With these element type ingredients combined, this fancy food honestly looked like cow dun, but on the bright side it was frothed up lots and in just a blink of an eye, ready to eat.
"PEEVE....." A fart effect wafted in the air as masses of Hokey Pokey bursted out of the frying pan. This experience was insane!!!!! It was as if the Hokey Pokey limited to be eaten and at the same time burst out of the frying pan.
We went to the kitchen, stunned as we were in for a phenomenal suprise. We clicked when, in just a flash we would create a wonderful food treat, that involved volcanic like equipment or other things to do with that. We made a long time favourite of mine, Hokey Pokey.
Similar to lava, oozing hokey pokey can literally pot. 'WOW!!!!!!' Also it can become hard and brittle in just minutes.'AMAZING!!!!!' Pokey is scolding hot, which can probably melt a total human hand. That is scary but at the same time very very yuck.
By Kayde and Cruz.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


On May 26th 2010 the first ever three dimensional Harvey Norman STATE OF ORIGIN will be held at ANZ stadium in Sydney, Australia. It will be an amazing phenomenon , that's for sure.
I will now tell you the New South Wales side for game one 2010, Fullback and caption Kurt Gidley. The two wingers are Jarryd Hayne and Brett Morris. The two Centers teaming up will be Timana Tahu and Matthew Cooper. Five-eighth is the one and only Jamie Lyon. His half-back partner has a lot of skill and he is Brett Kimmorley. The prop partners for game on are Josh Perry and Michael Weyman. A skill-full hooker will back them up and his name is Michael Ennis. Second-rowers are powerful Ben Creagh and Trent Water house. And finally Lock is Anthony Watmough. What a very strong side!
The Queens land team will be decided tonight. I just can't wait for the Queens land team to be named and for STATE OF ORIGIN to start!
GO THE BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you'd like to see more images of STATE OF ORIGIN go to the website below.....

Monday, May 17, 2010


In 2009 Monday night Raw celebrated a television mile stone, as it became the longest raining weekly episode in the world. It reached 800 episodes, and was viewed by more than 34 billion people. AMAZING!!!!!!
Along with they're brothers Tuesday night ECW and a rookie filled programme called NXT. And yet another brother called Friday night SMACK DOWN. Which have the big names in The Big Show, Jack Swagger, Christan, Kofi Kingston and much more......While Monday night RAW have more big names in John Cena, Edge, Sheamous, Randy Orton and much, much more.....So every Monday nights, Tuesday nights and Friday Night, tune into WWE action to witness amazing scenes from pro wrestlers and young rookies.......Be there!
I would like to thank this website for allowing me to display the picture of Raw on my blog. Thanks a lot!

Kiwis Four Nation Champs!

The NRL (National Rugby League) KIWIS are the champions of all Rugby League in the entire world until 2012 after winning the championship back in 2008. Last year in 2009, all the way in the UK (United Kingdom) the mighty KIWIS finished third in the four nations due to, only young debutant's who had no experience for playing for their country, which led to defeat against ENGLAND. From this the AUSTRALIANS to go on and beat ENGLAND in the Four nations final.
But this year every thing is different. The Four Nations will be held in New Zealand and Australia. A new country called Papa new Guinea will enter the competition and with out a doubt make a huge Impact as under-dogs. So all I have to say is GO THE KIWIS and win the Four Nations and prove to the world that you are the real WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


On Monday the 24th of May the, new extraordinary WWE event called Over The Limit will be taking over the every year annual event, Judgment Day. The matches at Over The Limit will be limited because the name of the event is called, Over The Limit. There will be thrilling matches, which John Cena vs Batista in a real brutal match for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Champion ship.. And The worlds largest athlete the BIG SHOW vs the World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger, for The World Heavyweight Champion ship. And another thrilling match will take place when ex-tag team partners Randy Orton and Edge face of in a no Disqualification match.
There is one thing for sure that this event will be one of the most memorable events of the year!!!!!

Justin Bieber

As everyone knows, Justin Bieber is one of the most looked up to and most popular teen singers in entire world. He has released a lot of hits in the years 2009 to 2010. Currently his number one song is "BABY" and "NEVER LET YOU GO".
Ever since he was a kid he had all ways dreamed of becoming a singer. When he turned the age of eleven, he released his first song on YOU TUBE.I really admire him and some day when I retire from rugby league, I'd like to be like him.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The Vodafone Warriors are my team that I most look up at to play for in the future. I really enjoy the way they play because if they win or lose they still give good sports-man ship to the opposition.
My best player of all of them will probably be Steven Price because, even though he does not own the caption roll, he still leads the side to victory. I really want the Warriors to make the 2010 Grand Final. So get to the Grand Final and show the world why you are the ALMIGHTY WARRIORS!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tremendous Iron Brien!

What at a very extraordinary and fun filled day it was last week. IRON BRIEN came to Pt England School and enticed us kids to eat in a healthy way as he taught us about all the special food sources. It included the food likes of red and white meat. Here's a little tip for you, red meat has more iron than white. Also food sorts of cereals, bread, Dairy products and meat. And to top off the day we had a lovely IRON BRIEN BURGER. Mmmm! The Burger was really the highlight of the day because It was filled with red meat. But I say that everything we get treated to we have to enjoy it! I really hoped you enjoyed my paragraph of information that I have told you. You should hire him one day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Podcast: Help! I'm Trapped in my Teacher's Body!

"Help! I'm Trapped in my Teacher's Body!" by Todd Strasser
Kayde and Erene

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PE:(Physical Education) at Tamaki College

As my legs ached with every step I took I knew that I was in for a very fun, but physical day out at Tamaki College with a very experienced campaigner, Mr Borland.It was like a blast from the past with three very enjoyable games.It was really the day of the week.
Game one:Game one brought the class joy and plenty laughter, as we were divided into four groups, formed a square and stick together while trying to run where Mr Borland went.(CRAZY).We were very hyped up because who ever stuck together and got in the most stiff line, got the most points, he would shout them Burger group went down as sour losers because we were very much embarrassed when we were whip by the girls.But on the bright side, it was still very fun to play.
Game two:With out a doubt this was the most desperate game to finish!The point of the game was to get to the other side of the Tamaki College gym using small little benches.BUT.Oh yes there is a big but involved.The class was not to touch the floor because, we acted as though the floor was the ocean and there were vicious sharks and were ready to attack!We failed several times, than after 35 minutes of failure we finally succeeded.We were really not acting as a team.
Game Three:'OCTOPUS' I just loved it how there was lots of injuries and giggles going around the building.The class was in a bit of a struggle, and the reason why that was 'cause our campaigner Mr Borland was in the middle along with his assistants.There was about five of them.But I was such a champ because I never gave up and got to the bottom four."YEAH" I thought until I was tug on the foot.But it was only a little nick.But sadly I felt it and at that moment i knew I was out.
We really had a fun day I will never forget.

New Island Formation

Have you ever wondered how volcanoes erupt undersea?Well they don't.Actually, in a sort of magma chamber lava will rise and create a devestating explosion.Than after about one hundred years it will form a very beautiful island.A eventually people will live there.I have been forced to make a supburb animation about how islands are formed by an undersea eruption.I have enjoyed making this movie for you and I hope you enjoy it.So here it is.......

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wicked Experiment with Ms Crowther

WOW! I thought when a most shocking experiment took place as hot water was mixed with cold.The point of this was to see if hot water was mixed with cold.We witnessed that if hot water was to be mixed with cold water the hot water would come up like a volcano, and not down.What a THRILLING THING!
As well as this thing was shocking enough, it was still a very, very exciting and fun thing to do.I glazed right towards the vase and every moment it would be fulling up every second.(It looked similar to a shark attack a human with they're blood scampering in the ocean).I was just absolutely stunned!
There was a second experiment that was held and it was pretty crazy, and the reason why this is because the only object was a Mars bar.I thought to myself "How crazy does this teacher think she is?"It was just insane until.......We heard what she had to say.We were to snap the bar in-half and see all the caramel pop out.The class ripped it open than...."Ohh look at mine, Look at mine"All kids said.This experiment was to look like magma popping out of a crater on a volcano.
The best thing about experiment number on was that I got a chance to witness what a volcano would most likley look like.And probably the number one thing I liked about experient number two was that got to eat some tantalizing Mars bars.Mmmmmmm!