Monday, May 17, 2010

Kiwis Four Nation Champs!

The NRL (National Rugby League) KIWIS are the champions of all Rugby League in the entire world until 2012 after winning the championship back in 2008. Last year in 2009, all the way in the UK (United Kingdom) the mighty KIWIS finished third in the four nations due to, only young debutant's who had no experience for playing for their country, which led to defeat against ENGLAND. From this the AUSTRALIANS to go on and beat ENGLAND in the Four nations final.
But this year every thing is different. The Four Nations will be held in New Zealand and Australia. A new country called Papa new Guinea will enter the competition and with out a doubt make a huge Impact as under-dogs. So all I have to say is GO THE KIWIS and win the Four Nations and prove to the world that you are the real WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

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