Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wicked Experiment with Ms Crowther

WOW! I thought when a most shocking experiment took place as hot water was mixed with cold.The point of this was to see if hot water was mixed with cold.We witnessed that if hot water was to be mixed with cold water the hot water would come up like a volcano, and not down.What a THRILLING THING!
As well as this thing was shocking enough, it was still a very, very exciting and fun thing to do.I glazed right towards the vase and every moment it would be fulling up every second.(It looked similar to a shark attack a human with they're blood scampering in the ocean).I was just absolutely stunned!
There was a second experiment that was held and it was pretty crazy, and the reason why this is because the only object was a Mars bar.I thought to myself "How crazy does this teacher think she is?"It was just insane until.......We heard what she had to say.We were to snap the bar in-half and see all the caramel pop out.The class ripped it open than...."Ohh look at mine, Look at mine"All kids said.This experiment was to look like magma popping out of a crater on a volcano.
The best thing about experiment number on was that I got a chance to witness what a volcano would most likley look like.And probably the number one thing I liked about experient number two was that got to eat some tantalizing Mars bars.Mmmmmmm!

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