Thursday, April 29, 2010

Volcano Art phenominal

For the past couple of weeks room 17 have been painting some amazing silhouette pictures of volcanoes. I have put an example of these silhouettes with a picture of me. We were told to be as imaginative as we could and I got out of it a thing like this. (I think it wasn't too bad even though we used pastels and paint)
On the 16th of April of 2010 Room Seventeen of Pt England were told they had a very hard task ahead of them as they had to create a picture of a volcano.We weren't to make any old picture, we had to design a type of painting called the silhouette. This is a type of painting which, in words is probably something at night. For example a tree at night which is heavily faded, actually black in colour just like my volcano.
It was honestly a very hard mission to complete. First of all we had to make a design. Secondly we were to paint colourful colours to suit the sky as a background. Third of all, we were required to let it dry over Lunch time. Fourth, we had to paint an outline of the volcano in black and coluor it with the same colour, Black. For the fifth and last task we had to go over ash with pastels and make lava flows with once again, pastels.
I really liked making these silhouettes because we got really dirty of paint and pastels.

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