Monday, April 19, 2010

Active Earth Term 2

For term two Pt England school are learning about volcanoes and how they are formed.
I didn't know anything about volcanoes or anything do to with them. So far on the first day of term 2, I have learned about shocking things what a volcano can do during a devastating eruption. It takes down anything that is in its path!
Inside a volcano is a chamber that keeps all the magma inside it so that it dosen't burst out. Magma, when it erupts is actually lava that is pressured inside the volcano until it steams out as fast as a train.
Also for this term we are learning about Earth quakes and Tsunami's which are two very similar things because they DESTROY anything!!
I am really looking forward this terms theme and things that are involved. And that is why we are learning about, ACTIVE EARTH!!!
If you would want to see more thrilling images of volcanoes visit this website at

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