Thursday, April 1, 2010

Room 17 young guns 2010!


Today is the day we can dress up as movie stars and any other clothes. Fun is upon us as there will be a magnificent disco and lunch special Sausage sizzle. These things are really FUN! as well as there will be camp kindness camp awards. How amazing is that? It is excellent.

Eight of my best friends I've ever known are in this picture. From the Left is Erene, Aidan,Shawn,Joe,Matthew T and down the bottom row once again from the left Matthew R,Me (Kayde) and Jeyan. We look like a great bunch of kids when we are together. Especially in Mufti.


  1. Hey Kayde

    I really liked that photo of most of the boys in room 17. Do you think that that was one of the best photos taken on that day?I sure do.

    Keep up the good work Kayde

  2. Hey Kayde,

    I really like your young guns of room 17. Nice blog as well,I really have to follow heaps now.

    Later,From Gabriel


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