Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Andrew Johns

THE GREAT ONE!!!! That's the only way you can describe him.....Andrew 'Joey' Johns!!!!!

Andrew Johns in my mind is my very best NRL player I've ever seen in my life!!! He has fort in League battles for his state ( New South Wales ) his country ( Australia ) In England ( Leeds Rhino's ) And his most reconized team ( The Newcastle Knights )!!!!! Andrew Johns Rocks!!!!!!!

Feels Like Magic MTV!!!!

FEELS LIKE MAGIC" For the past couple of weeks me and my mates (Matthew and Aidan ) have been working on a movie to show to the school. I hope you enjoy my movie that I have produced!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010


"Ahhhh, the good old Abseiling activity, but for some, this should be designed for the con-course, Because it is a bit of De Jah Vu of fears.”. In just a few moments I was selected to take on this Monster first. With tons of experience in my back pocket of Abseiling I was, in the space of a minute at the top and ready for battle!!!

I can tell you that there was an AMAZING view of the Ocean. But that was shortly experienced for me as Camilla, ( The second instructor ) ordered me to face her. This was only so I could get this over and done with. I was honestly starting to stress when my shoes didn’t find any grip on the wall. But I overcame this and was enjoying myself. And no sooner I was halfway an ready to jump the rest of the way.

Enjoying Myself was my task for the day, and that I was. I didn’t even need to pace myself while I was jumping the rest of the way. I had reached the bottom of the Wall and all I had thought was, “ Can I do it again???” There was hardly anything holding me back as I had the Urge to do it again. “ABSEILING

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Top fifteeen League Players EVER!!

These top fifteen players will take you down a trip to memory lane of LEAGUE players!!!!!! I am going to list my top ten all time players!!!!! Here they are........

1. Andrew Johns
2. Wally Lewis
3. Arthur Beetson
4. Steve Mortimer
5. Bradley Clyde
6. Trevor "The Axe" Gilmaster
7. Mal Meninga
8. Steve Roach
9. Gary Jack
10. Ron Coote
11. Brett Kenny
12. Benny Elias
13. Laurie Daley
14. Paul Sirronen
15. Tommy Raudokins

And there you have it, my all time fifteen ten Players!!!!!I Hope you think that these players are AWESOME to!!!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is this the Final Decider???

This game, without a doubt will be the BEST game of the four nations!!! Or will it???? This, I reckon will decide the winner of the Four Nations final. Both these teams have already advanced.And also, people say that if the World Champion, Kiwi's win this four Nations tournament, they will go to First Ranking in the WORLD!!!! But, the Big question is, Do you think they will????

Now, lets start with how these teams have gone so far in this tournament. First of all, the New Zealand Kiwi's. The World Champion Kiwi's Have played two games and won both!! First they took on the England Lions and won that game, 24-10. They had a second Opponent, The Papua New Guini Kulmuls. With out any surprises, the Kiwi's Dominated the game and won, 76-12!!!! WHAT A SCORE!!!!!!! And that is how the Kiwi's entered the four nations final!!

And next, the world ranked number team, the Australian Kangaroos!!! This MAGNIFICENT team were alongside the Kiwi's to be the HOT favorites for this tournament!!! Just like the New Zealand Kiwi's, the Kangaroos advanced to the final by Playing two games, and winning both!!! First of all they took on the Papua New guini Kulums at Parramatta Australia. Just as everbody predicted, the Kangaroos DOMINATED the game and won, 42-0. Secondly they had to take on the team they defeated in the final last year, The England Lions!!! And again the Kangaroos won the game, 38-14.

Oh, and we can't forget about the Curtain raiser of this game will be the Papua New Guini Kulums take on the England Lions!!! Sadly, both of these teams have lost their two opening games and the winner of this will finish third in the four nations!!!! Not much hype went into this game, But both these teams Want to finish third in this tournament!!! GO THE KIWI'S!!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The opening of the four nations game!!

An absolute scintillating match of rugby league is in the balance as the NRL Kiwi's take on last years host of the four nations, England. If you remember, last time these two foes met was last year (2009) when England took the game, 22-14 at JJB stadium. In England. But I can guarantee that this time the Kiwi's will win. This game will be the opener of the four nations will be played at Westpac stadium in Wellington........GO THE MIGHTY KIWI'S!!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

NRL Kiwi's vs Samoa!!!

On Saturday the 16th of October 2010 the New Zealand Nrl Kiwi's will go head to head with pacific Island Nation, Samoa. After backing the Kiwi's last year my mates, Joshua and Erene will be hoping that the strong pacific island team SAMOA will be putting on a hell of a Show!!!!! This game is going to be played at the Vodafone Warriors home ground of Mount Smart Stadium. Both teams will be looking to impress!!! Especially the Nrl Kiwi's. They will try and impress so they will be considered a threat in the four nations tournament this October!!!!!GO THE KIWI'S!!!!!!!

Meeting Kevin "The Hero" Locke!!!!!

WOW!!!! What an experience this was for me.....meeting The new and exciting roadrunner, Kevin Locke!!!! It was a great time for me. It was a thing to Remember. I Thought to myself as I met him " I could get famous because of this " But no. I'm still not. That's me,on the bottom left of the Photo.
Anyway, Kevin Locke is one HELL of a young performer and there is still a lot of talent to come out of him!!!! Kevin Locke ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Grand Opening of Eden Park!!!!

Intro -

Thrillingly, I had a once in a life time chance meeting sport legends like the Nrl Kiwis. I was tempted to just go to them and Give a hug. Also, something thrilling Seeing the New Zealand Blackcaps. I was More interested in the NRL Kiwis. I Hadn’t seen them in months and years.

Para 1 -

First of all in the beginning of the day I won a free rugby ball by passing the ball through the hole with out missing a single time. But for me no prize was won when I was on the scrumming machine, I reached a high score of 71.6 kilograms. One of the highest of the days. For me it was a good acheivement!!!!!!!

Para 2 -

A once in a life time opportunity was in the balance as the New Zealand Kiwi’s and Blackcaps were just centimetres away from me. Inside of me the tension was rising as I was up and close in person with NRL Kiwi’s Mr Magic Man, Benji Marshall. Also, on the scene was Blackcaps Cricket Legend Brendon McCullum. Of Course he introduced himself, so I didn’t wanna be an egg so I introduced Myself and asked...... “Can I Have a photo?”

Para 3 -
So the pheanominal moment of fame for me, meeting the New Zealand Blackcaps and the NRL Kiwi’s had passed. “What was left for me I asked?” There was a brief moment of silent than the little rascal, my brother, Gabriel came up with an idea. This was to go up to the top of the New Southern stand at Eden park. Believe me it was like being on the top of Mt. Everest!!!! But on the other hand it was such a view looking down to all the Auckland residents who turned out on a day to remember!!!!!

Para 4 -
Up until now I thought that there was nothing left on offer. My Dad literally ordered the whanau ( Family ) onto the Eden Park six Million dollar playing field. Dad took us into the New look changing rooms. It didn’t feel like an ordinary changing room. A Very huge suprise was moments away, as All Blacks Legends Christain Cullen and Shawn Pitzpatrick wait there and Sign my peace of paper I recieved as I entered the 60,000 seated stadium. There was no room for their signitures so I got them to sign my Arm. To my Amazment a man walked in to the changing rooms an fainted to the ground.

Conclusion- I wish that there is another day like this full of fun!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Match of the year!!!!!

The Match of the year is in the Balance!!!! This year, these two teams have met in two BLOCKBUSTER Matches!!!! And on both occasions the Wests Tigers have come out the Victorious team. First of all in round seven when the Tigers came back from 22-6 down at half time to win 35-22. And not soon after we go to round fifteen where it was an AMAZING match with the Tigers winning, 18-8. But this time I think it will be a Different result. The Raiders will win because in round eighteen they were in position number twelve on the ladder and made the Finals. And also, the Raiders are the team in the finals with momentum and have won 10 of their past 11 games!!!!! That is an AWESOME RECORD!!!!! GO THE RAIDERS!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Made It!!

A Cross Country narraitve

Ahhhhh, Good old Cross-Country.This will be a piece of cake!!!!!! These CHUMPS don’t know who they’re up against. Ah, There’s good old Jimmy Grimes, sitting there in the corner trembling in absolute FEAR!!! I was lucky enough to have the running pitch nice and hard. Anyway, I don’t need any luck!, I’ve come first Every year. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!
“ Yeah Mate, I’m gonna win!!” I said to me best mate, Laurie Daley. “Ten year old boys, time to race” Our principal, Mr Russell Burt exclaimed. I was really RELAXED as I stood up to the Chopping board. ‘No feet in front of the line, and NO TRIP UP’S!!” Mr Burt strictly said. I didn’t need to put my in front of the line!! Perhaps I could stand miles back and still win. Mr Burts gong was raised and..........BAM!!! The Race was under way and looking around I could see the Pressure start to build on people!!!!!!
“I knew it, I’m miles in front of everybody, and surly I’m gonna win” I said to myself. But, in side me the pressure is building and I start to think I shouldn’t of been so Cocky or arrogant about winning the race. Also my HUGE appetite of my Breakfast is coming back to Haunt me as a stitch hits on me harder and harder. It didn’t matter because I’m absolutely gonna win. For sure!!!! As my stitch hit me even harder Jimmy Grimes had tightened the gap between He and I. As he gained territory and ground, That is Jimmy Grimes, The power of momentum were highly against me But I knew to soldier on and win!!!!
I had sighted the finish line but by now I had dropped to fourth place. Jimmy Grimes had led the way along with me two best mates, Laurie Daley and Darius Boyd. I only had a slim chance of winning the race because my arch rival, Jimmy Grimes was miles ahead. It felt like a shot of energy had come upon me and I could bear no more!!!” Time to charge” I said. I made an Amazing spurt, but it wasn’t enough to win. Jimmy Grimes took out the race and I finished third. Only Passing Darius Boyd. I thought that I would certainly win.BUT NO.......... I have learnt that from this race, If you think that you’re too good to win, you could suffer consequences like I did in this experience. BRING ON NEXT YEAR!!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Chance to Make The Top Four Against the Eels!!!!

This, for the Warriors is a do or die match, if they have any chance of making the top four and host a Semi-Final. But the Eels, on the other hand ( My uncle's favourite team ) will farewell the Workhorse himself, Nathan Cayless and say good by to three players who will go off to other clubs. And they are Kris Keating, Going to the Bulldogs, And the Kiwi's themselves, Krisnan Inu and Feleti Mateo, Both coming to the Warriors. YAH!!!!! Now back to the Warriors, It is not looking good for them as they will have a two hour flight to Australia in Parramatta Home of the Eels. Statistics and History show that the Warriors are not going to come out victorious and lose. BOO!!!!! But there is still a Gilmore of hope that the Warriors will win. Because last time they met the Warriors THUMPED them, 35 points to 6, and also the Warriors are Getting Paid One Dollar and ten cents to and the Eels only Two dollars and Fifty seven cents. Come on boys........GO THE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Year of Exhausting Cross-Country!!!!!!

DETERMINATION was the word of the week for me, as yet again Cross-Country took place!!!!!! Every now and then I had to go toilet due to the anxiousness that was inside me. Sit back and enjoy watching how I went in Our School wide Cross-Country!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The team to win the Four Nations!!!!!

The will to win tests in this Kiwi's team is At a high rate. At the end of the year, in the late stages of October the New Zealand Kiwi's will play host to Australia, Papa New Guini and England in Both New Zealand And Australia. I've put together an AMAZING team to finally take down the Australian's in the Four nations and win it for only the second time. Of Course I'm referring to the Kiwi's. Here is this PHENOMENAL team that will win the Four Nations......

1. Lance Hohaia
2. Kevin Locke
3. Sam Perret
4. Jerome Ropati
5. Manu " THE BEAST" Vatuvei
6. Benji Marshall (c)
7. Nathan Fein
8. Jeff Lima
9. Isaac Luke
10. Fuifui Moimoi
11. Simon Mannering
12. Frank Pritchard
13. Jared Waera-Hargraves
14. Aaron Heremaia
15. Frank-Paul Nuuasala
16. Feleti Mateo
17. Kieran Foran

What an AWESOME or should I say AMAZING team that'll finally take down the Australian's!!!! With the Australians, we have taken them on in 119 tests and the Australian's have won 90 and the Kiwi's only 19. So............. GO THE KIWI'S!!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Warriors vs Broncos

This is what it all comes down to for both these MAGNIFICENT teams!!!!! It's simple. if the Warriors win than they secure a place in the Play-offs. Not only this week but also if the Warriors win against the Parramatta Eels in round 26 than they have a home Semi-Final. They'll finish in fourth place. Currently they're coming Seventh Place. A But on the other hand The Brisbane Broncos Are in Eighth place with 26 points. They need to win their remanding games against the Warriors ( My Favourite Team ) and the Raiders. Some tough games knowing that the Raider just recently gave the Dragons a Good old HIDING!!!!! ( 22 points to 04 )!!!!!!! Back to the Warriors and Broncos. The game is held in Auckland ( Home of the Warriors ) And for Brent Tate and Steve Price it will be their last time playing At Mt Smart Stadium. But For Brent Tate it will Be his Last game in Warriors Colours at Mt Smart Stadium. GO THE MIGHT VODAFONE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Courageous race for the top eight!!!!

This year, the race to make the finals has been an absolute thrilling BATTLE!!!!!! Last week, after their HEART-BREAKING ( NOOOOOO!!!!) lose, the Rabbitohs might have to be kissing their 2010 season goodbye!!!! But on the other hand, My Favourite team ( The Warriors ) are sitting on sixth place with 28 points. Comfortable, to say the least. This week my nails have shortened because I have been literally biting them. And you know why, The Warriors have an absolutely HARD match against my friend ( Cruz's ) best team, Sea Eagles!!!! Wait more trouble, its in Manly. ( In Australia ).GO THE WARRIORS!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

All time NRL DREAM TEAM!!!!!!

I am a freak for Rugby league and have loved it ever since I was four, Back in 2003. And since supporting the warrirors in 2003-2010 I have come up with an AMAZING dream team. Players in the team date back to the early 1980's. But geuss what, Funnily enough, it has no kiwi's at all, Only Australians. Here it is.......

1. Gary Belcher
2. Andrew Ettinghousen
3. Mal Maninga
4. Laurie Daley
5. Brett Mullins
6. Wally (The King) Lewis
7. Andrew Johns
8. Steve Roach
9. Ben Elias
10. Glenn Lazarus
11. Paul Harrigon
12. Bradley Clyde
13. Brad ( Freddie ) Fittler
14. Tommy Raudonkins
15. Arthur Beetson
16. Paul Sirronnen
17. Gary Jack

And, Obviously You are thinking, MEAN MOARI ( Or AUSSIE ) MEAN!!!!!!!! Even I am. So if you know players that may, possibly beat my team than, leave a comment and write it. MY DREAM TEAM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vodafone Warrirors VS Newcastle Knights

"WOW" What a match this is going to be!!!! Newcastle Knights vs the Vodafone Warriors at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland. This is, with no doubt at all going to be a scintillating match!!!! And, from older posts of mine, obviously I am thinking, GO THE WARRIORS!!!!!!!
Hey, whoever you are that is reading this than since I was born in Newcastle ( In Australia, where the Knights come from ), than don't you think that I should support the Knights. Hmmmmmmm.......
And remember while you watch the game, keep an eye out for me. Anyway, GO THE WARRIORS!!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Going Down to the Titans......

On Sunday the 1st of August the Warriors had a spine Chilling match at Mt Smart stadium in Auckland!!!!! I was there and I can tell you it was sad that the WARRIORS lost but it was an all-round nail biting match!!!!! Come on WARRIORS!!!! What happened???? After five wins you lose two in a row. Not good enough. Its alright, I believe in you. GO THE MIGHTY WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!! A Narrow loss 28-20!!!!!
The Warriors are in eight and wish to stay there and go up on the NRL ladder and make the finals!!! I hope the WARRIORS defeat the Cronulla Sharks on Sunday!!!!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Term 3 Maritime mariners!!!!

I sat down on the floor in the hall. It was the first day of school for Term 2 and it seems to me like it would be a good and interesting topic this term. I looked around and saw another teacher called Mr Barkes, he was a Viking. The topic for this term was Mighty Mariners.

All of the teachers teams had to perform a play, skit or animation to give us students a little hint about this Terms Topic. All of the teachers did well, but out of all of them the best team that I liked was team 1. They did an animation and i thought that it was pretty cool. Their animation was about Kupe and how he brought the seven canoes to New Zealand Aotearoa. It was a good animation with a lot of detail and it was concise.

The Topic " MIghty Mariners" is a good topic we all can learn. I like watching sharkmen and lot's of channels on Animal planet so I am looking forward to this term. As I walked out of the assembly I wondered awaited for me later on in the term. At the same time I thought what "A MIGHTY ASSEMBLY".

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rabbitohs vs Warriors!!!!

On Sunday the 25th of July, My all time favourite team the Vodafone Warriors will battle the South Sydney Rabbitohs for a top four place on the ladder. While the Rabbitohs look to get back in to the top eight. ( They sit ninth on 20 points with the Eels ). If the Warriors win, not only it will be their 6th win in a row, they will go to second equal with the Wests Tigers and the Penrith Panthers on 26 points. With only 10 points separating the tenth place Parramatta and up to first place, it is a race to get into the top eight.
Both, South Sydney Rabbitohs and the New Zealand Warriors are desperate to win or tough consequences where the Rabboitohs might not make the top eight, where the Warriors could slip out of the top eight. As you all know my opinion, 'GO THE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How the early Maori came to New Zealand.

Dating back to 1000 years ago, the Eastern Polynesians people were the first ever to cross the southern pacific ocean and discove Aoteroa (New Zealand). These people were called the early maori. Their vessels were 15-20 meters longand normally it would have one hull, but sometimes have two or an out-rigger. Finally, Aoteroa (New Zealand) was found.
The Eastern polynesian people couldn't navigate on their own, so had a great sense of humor and had the stars to navigate them. They also followed birds in the day. Not many east polynesian people made it to New Zealand even though there were STORMY seas.

Sam Burgess and James Maloney....

Sam Burgess is an AWESOME player for the Rabbits, as in Rabbitohs. He is one of only six people who are the odd ones from the super league who was born in England. His position is second-row, and HECK he is a mean tackler. Preferring to tackling I mean Sonny Bill-William shoulder bargers who now plays rugby in his home country, New Zealand. Back to Sam Burgess. If there was ANY team, currently in the NRL who have MEAN players if you take the Melbourne storm out of the equation, it would be the Rabbitohs. They have the talent of Issac Luke, Sam Burgess, John Sutton, Chris Sandow, Beau Champion and MUCH, MUCH MORE.....
On Sunday the 25th of July 2010, my all time favourite team the vodafone Warriors
Now, James Maloney. He is a MASTER goal kicker in the Vodafone Warrios ( My Favourite team) Just because he has missed 12 goals this year, he is kicking at 81 percent. James Maloney's position is halfback of Five Eighth. I rather prefer him at number six, five eighth. He has been a MEAN member in the halves with Lance Hohaia, Isaac John and Brett Seymour. In all this year, James Maloney has only missed one game due to injury, against the Wests Tigers. Currently due to James Maloney's inspirational 3 try and 8 goal win over the Brisbane Bronco's back in round 3. Even though it was ages ago, the Warriors are now on 24 points and in 5th place, and with out the win against the bronco's we would be on 22 points and, due to points differential, the warriors would be in 8th or ninth place. Thanks James Maloney!!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Brent Tate leaving the Warriors....

Brent Tate has always been a legend since 2002 when he made his debut for the Brisbane Broncos. The year after in 2003 he made his State Of Origin debut for Queensland and scored two tries. LEGENDARY!!!!!
In the year 2008 he made his Vodafone Warriors debut and scored 11 tries that year. He recently, against the Canberra Raiders scored his 50th career try. Last year in 2009 he only played three games due to a season ending injury from his former club the Broncos. But this year in 2010 he has played 12 games but this time the season injury once again occurred when he collided with Dragons Second-Row Ben Creagh, breaking his jaw.
Sadly, he will not wear another Warriors jumper in his life because he is leaving to the actual competition wooden spooners the North Queensland Cowboys in 2011. To be honest, I actually think that the North Queensland Cowboys are going to win. They have the talent like, Matthew Bowen, Jonathan Thurston, Brent Tate, Antonio Winterstein and much more!!!
Brent Tate, If you are reading this please stay or come back to the Warriors......

Visit to Rotorua!!!!!

Intro- After a treacherous , three hour ride to Rotorua was finally over, it was time to see my family. "YEAH!!!". Finally the wait to see my family was once again over. "Man, I haven't been in in Rotorua for months and it feels good the be at Home Sweet Home!"

Para 1- Always a pleasant treat for me is visiting my home town, Rotorua. Although I was born in Newcastle, Australia I spent my child-hood days in Rotorua and Auckland. Every holidays I've spent them in, you guessed it, Rotorua. There are many places I like to go like, the aquatic centre, Leisure World and so much more.....

Para 3- 'WOW' "What a huge mountain! Around where my Nan lives is a place where an old abandoned village once was. Well, its not much of a village, it just has torn down houses and hills made out of dirt. I call this a paddock. I go there when I have nothing to do because my koro ( grandfather ) just sits in the garage, sips his beer and reads a book. So I leave and go have fun at the paddock. I and my cousins do all sorts of things at the paddock like, make avalanches hit down the abandoned houses or go to the Waikete rugby club and do some tackles on each other.

Para 4- I like to see my Dad at his working place. He works, or should I say build a MAMMOTH of a building at the Rotorua Polly Tech down south. Its not usual that I see him so It is a huge treat for me to see him. (REALLY).

Conclusion- I hope for the best to just appear next time I go to my town I grew up in, Rotorua! What will Happen?????? Rotorua is honestly GREAT!!! The best of the best cities in the world!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


'WOW' Was the only word going through my mind as this extravaganza movie ended. Right at the end was when I had a HUGE laugh when Rocky (Boy's brother stared at his dad ( Alimein) and asked him, How was Japan? Haha, You can have a laugh to.
It is a sad, sad but funny movie. A huge downer for Boy's or his real name Alimein is that his Mum had passed away, and his Nan was gone for like, literally a month meaning no one was at Boy's house to look after him. His Dad was sadly in jail. One Shocking evening, Alimein's Father ( Alimein ) pulled up in the drive way, and to Boy's amazement, his family was finally rich.
The only way to describe Boy is UN DESCRIBABLE!! Because there is lots of SAD parts and some bright sides to it.
If you haven't seen it than don't sit around. GO TO THE MOVIES AND WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yes its that time of the year again, STATE OF ORIGIN TWO where it is a do or die game for New South Wales or they will be down with only three wins from the past five Years. Both they and Queensland have a very tough team to defeat!
If you would like to now see the team that will represent the New South Wales at Suncorp Stadium on the 16th of june 2010, then you are lucky! I will now tell you the NSW team for game two 2010. Fullback, the talented Jarryd Hayne, and on the left and right wings hold the very strong Joel Monnahan and Brett Morris. The centers hold Dragons pair Beau Scott and The Breath-taking Matt Cooper. The Halves are probably the best in a decade with Trent Barrett at Five-Eighth and he will be the vice caption and his partner in only his second ORIGIN appearance, Mitchell Pearce. A tough foward pack holds the likes of Luke O'Donnel ,Brett White, Trent Waterhouse and much more exciting people!!!
Caption, Kurt Gidley starts on the bench. 'WHAT A SHOCKER!!!!!' Any way, New South Wales are going to WIN!!!
Also, QLD (Queensland) have also have a very solid team. I don't want to say the team because I just can't stand them! 'STATE OF ORIGIN 2 WILL ROCK YOU!!' "GO NSW!!!!!!"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 Favourite teams!

All teams pictured are the most supported of the family I live in. Obviesly from older posts I mainly like the WARRIORS, but my Mother really supports the Gold Coast Titans.

Besides, My sister has not one, not two, but THREE favourite teams in the NRL 2010 competition. The Goald Coast Titans, Parramatta Eels and the South Sydney Rabbitohs who currently sit at fourth on the NRL ladder. While her other most supported teams have not done so good in 2010.
I mostly like the WARRIORS, Nah I'm just kidding. I am absolutely obsessed with The WARRIORS! Their back line is amazing. It has the talent of Lance Hohaia, Kevin Locke, Brent Tate, Jerome Ropati, Manu Vatuvei, James Maloney and Brett Seymour. "BRILLIANT BACK LINE!!!""I just love the whole seven of them.
'Did you know that Brett Seymour was once the bad boy of the whole NRL back in 2007.' I bet you didn't.
I really enjoy these teams and what they do. Pure 'ENTERTAINMENT!!!!! If you like these teams make a link to your blog so I can make a comment. Teams like this are expected to make it in the finals!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brett an Josh Morris

Last year these two dynamic players,all together scored a total of 42 tries in only 27 rounds. "AMAZING!!!!" They are twins and Josh is just minutes older. Brett Morris has just now reached a total of 67 career tries while his brother has just 49. Brett's team is now currently 1st in the competion while josh's now in tenth with 8 points.
"EXCITEMENT" is the only word to describe them as! They are just unbelievable! If this was to be the GRAND FINAL, St George Illiwarra and the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, the intensity will be "AMAZING!!!!" Obviesley I would want the Vodafone Warriors to make it in the GRAND FINAL but with the St George Illiwarra Dragons and The Canterbury Banks-town Bulldogs, the atmosphere will be THRILLING!!
This is why these two twins are currently my best players in all NRL..
I would like to thank this website for the pictures of these cute twins.... .http://resources1.news.com.au/images/2010/03/18/1225842/575213-dtstory-morris-brothers.jpg

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going down to the TIGERS..

On Friday the 28th of May my all time favourite NRL team the vodafone WARRIORS were walloped by the Wests Tigers, 50-6. "CRIKEY THATS A BIG SCORE!!" I never wanted to see this out come, but to be honest I reckon the Tigers should get all the respect they want.

By the way, a 50-6 score line. 'AMAZING!!' The WARRIORS did not at all deserve it. I reckon for the WARRIORS only two people stood out, Brent Tate and Kevin Locke. Come on WARRIORS, Improve!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hokey Pokey

A huge wonder of the world for me was making a tantalizing delicacies called Hokey
Pokey,Mmm.....Hokey Pokey. Fat foods including sugar dissolved in just an instant along with Maple syrup which also dissolved, forming my long time favourite Hokey Pokey. But to top it off and taste experimentally food like. With these element type ingredients combined, this fancy food honestly looked like cow dun, but on the bright side it was frothed up lots and in just a blink of an eye, ready to eat.
"PEEVE....." A fart effect wafted in the air as masses of Hokey Pokey bursted out of the frying pan. This experience was insane!!!!! It was as if the Hokey Pokey limited to be eaten and at the same time burst out of the frying pan.
We went to the kitchen, stunned as we were in for a phenomenal suprise. We clicked when, in just a flash we would create a wonderful food treat, that involved volcanic like equipment or other things to do with that. We made a long time favourite of mine, Hokey Pokey.
Similar to lava, oozing hokey pokey can literally pot. 'WOW!!!!!!' Also it can become hard and brittle in just minutes.'AMAZING!!!!!' Pokey is scolding hot, which can probably melt a total human hand. That is scary but at the same time very very yuck.
By Kayde and Cruz.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


On May 26th 2010 the first ever three dimensional Harvey Norman STATE OF ORIGIN will be held at ANZ stadium in Sydney, Australia. It will be an amazing phenomenon , that's for sure.
I will now tell you the New South Wales side for game one 2010, Fullback and caption Kurt Gidley. The two wingers are Jarryd Hayne and Brett Morris. The two Centers teaming up will be Timana Tahu and Matthew Cooper. Five-eighth is the one and only Jamie Lyon. His half-back partner has a lot of skill and he is Brett Kimmorley. The prop partners for game on are Josh Perry and Michael Weyman. A skill-full hooker will back them up and his name is Michael Ennis. Second-rowers are powerful Ben Creagh and Trent Water house. And finally Lock is Anthony Watmough. What a very strong side!
The Queens land team will be decided tonight. I just can't wait for the Queens land team to be named and for STATE OF ORIGIN to start!
GO THE BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you'd like to see more images of STATE OF ORIGIN go to the website below.....

Monday, May 17, 2010


In 2009 Monday night Raw celebrated a television mile stone, as it became the longest raining weekly episode in the world. It reached 800 episodes, and was viewed by more than 34 billion people. AMAZING!!!!!!
Along with they're brothers Tuesday night ECW and a rookie filled programme called NXT. And yet another brother called Friday night SMACK DOWN. Which have the big names in The Big Show, Jack Swagger, Christan, Kofi Kingston and much more......While Monday night RAW have more big names in John Cena, Edge, Sheamous, Randy Orton and much, much more.....So every Monday nights, Tuesday nights and Friday Night, tune into WWE action to witness amazing scenes from pro wrestlers and young rookies.......Be there!
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Kiwis Four Nation Champs!

The NRL (National Rugby League) KIWIS are the champions of all Rugby League in the entire world until 2012 after winning the championship back in 2008. Last year in 2009, all the way in the UK (United Kingdom) the mighty KIWIS finished third in the four nations due to, only young debutant's who had no experience for playing for their country, which led to defeat against ENGLAND. From this the AUSTRALIANS to go on and beat ENGLAND in the Four nations final.
But this year every thing is different. The Four Nations will be held in New Zealand and Australia. A new country called Papa new Guinea will enter the competition and with out a doubt make a huge Impact as under-dogs. So all I have to say is GO THE KIWIS and win the Four Nations and prove to the world that you are the real WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!