Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How the early Maori came to New Zealand.

Dating back to 1000 years ago, the Eastern Polynesians people were the first ever to cross the southern pacific ocean and discove Aoteroa (New Zealand). These people were called the early maori. Their vessels were 15-20 meters longand normally it would have one hull, but sometimes have two or an out-rigger. Finally, Aoteroa (New Zealand) was found.
The Eastern polynesian people couldn't navigate on their own, so had a great sense of humor and had the stars to navigate them. They also followed birds in the day. Not many east polynesian people made it to New Zealand even though there were STORMY seas.

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  1. Hi Kayde. Do you know when it was the first term of the year, we learnt about the treaty of waitangi and how Maori came to NZ. Bye for now Kayde. Make sure you comment on my Raw.


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