Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Early Maori Food Sources

Before any Europeans came to New Zealand there were many different thrilling ways to trap birds or any meat. All had many TRICKY obstacles of how to kill food. If you would find out how these were produced you will be absolutely stunned! If you travelled back in time to 1706 and further than you would have lots of training missions until killing food. Enjoy my movie that I have been working on for weeks.

Treaty Signing.

On the sixth of February three English chiefs got on their HMS rattle snake ship and set sail to New Zealand to sign a very special treaty that meant a lot to the maori people. One chief was as keen as anyone to sign this treaty and his name is Hone Heke. To find out about the treaty tune into my movie and enjoy!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Camp Kindness

What an exhausting three days of sleepless Pt England school camp. I just witnessed for the second year running. When I got home I tried to drag all my body weight inside, so I could prove to my Mum that all camps are technically not easy to conquer all the activities.''WOW! Camp Kindness absolutely rocked!!!''

The group I was in , was called the "SOUL SQUAD" and our first activity was Ten pin bowling.As we headed towards this breath-taking game it was like a zoo, with people so excited screaming their heads off! (Yeah I'm gonna win)It was finally time to see who was actually the best of the best! I was honestly up against some pretty tough guys in my group,Erene, Joe,Nikora and Nezinli.

Finally, we were under way with people already smashing Pins, thrilling strikes and spares. But on the other hand my group were just desperate to continue but there was a bit of a delay with our lane gone out of order."NO!!!"There was a very talented engineer down at the end Who walked at the of the lane sorting out the problem. The game was once again back under way,SMASH "STRIKE" screamed Erene.We were coming to the end of the game and it was a blazing finish when me and Erene tied up 83 all. But luckily, he only took the victory by one pin. What a game!

Now we reached the second day of camp with people frantically screaming their heads off with all the breath they had in their lungs "ORIENTEERING"(yeah). I had a very much experienced partner, Erene, my leader. Both he and I were paying close attention to Mr Jacobson and followed all the steps he announced. We were as keen as any one in the team that we would ace this brain-teasing challenge.

Do-do-do-do. As the trumpet struck as loud as it could the game began with people frustrated trying to discover the letters."Hey bro I can see it, its a K". Once again we heard the one sound of the hooter about one hour later after only listing down 23 out of 27 letters . Sadly no one in our team came back with the correct answer. There were many thrills in this energetic activity with partners getting so close to figuring out the correct answer for this trivia. Well Done Kayde, Very Good

As we entered the final day of school camp I was traumatised knowing that we would end our three day journey, but there was a glimpse of hope when I found out all kids would be going to Swim-a-rama for the day. "HOORAY"!! I thought. There was many amazing sites after witnessing pupils of camp who died to represent the school for the Pt England swimming team of 2010. SPLASH! After waiting for a super long time, all the kids breathed a sigh of relief once entering this cold, cold pool."YAH"(at long last the wicked hydro slide was opened for kids to enjoy them-selves) That was the most invigorating walk up a pair of stairs in a long,long time I thought.

ZOOM flying past on the hydro slide went kids. All the time the hydro slide was at worked for literaly the whole day we were there. Time really flew past when, having fun in paradise (Swim-a-rama).

Next year at school camp I wish for more magical activities and plenty more fun.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kayde's portfolio from Room 14

In 2009 Kayde was in Room 14 as a Year 5 student.

He posted lots of work on the Room 14 class blog.

If you click here you will be able to see all of his work from 2009.