Friday, March 25, 2011


This is a movie that I have crafted to show the different personalities and the korero at Pt England school. By Korero I mean that it is a weekly talk we have with our principal in the names of BIN IT...USE YOUR WITS And so on!!! This will show you little snapshots of how people use the Pt England in their own unique way!!!! This movie represents how people SUCCEED in doing the right things and having fun!!! 'SO I HOPE YOU ENJOY'.......


In a funny way I expected more of camp TC!!!! I didn’t know that our camp was at school I thought that It was gonna be fun and in the bush now that we are year 7/8. Well that was until miss explained that it was here at our very school. As we did in year 5 and 6 we would have been rollerblading, rock-climbing and bowling!!!! But that fun entertainment was saved for another day.....

Day 1 of camp TC kicked of with a hour and a half activity rotation!!!! Kayaking, team building, Mr Harris’ fun game, tent pitching with Mrs Nua and Hangi prep with Miss Tito!!! First up we had to do team building with Mr Barks and it certainly was one of my hardest activities to conquer!!! Secondly was Tent pitching to make our own special tent!!!!! Funnily enough this was one of my easiest activities!!!! And last we had Kayaking my MOST FAVOURITE...... Kayaking!!!! This year we had new kayaks.....sit on versions of an origanil ones!!! First impression you’d think that it it would be hard to control just looking at it!!!!

Finally the funnest nit of the day.... ‘MOVIE NIGHT’!!!! There was a range of a selection to choose from including Toy story 3, Dispicable me and willo!!! But Lucky for some, the rugby league NRL game was on between the Tigers and the Bulldogs!!! I went on to watch for my second time, Toy story 3 because I never heard of the other ones!!! EVER!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Another hard game after a sad loss!!!!!

After a poor loss to the wests tigers, the Vodafone Warriors have yet again another hard game in the making as they go head to head against the reigning 2010 premiers the St George Illawarra Dragons!!!!! Altough the Dragons recently last night lost to the Cronulla Sharks 16-10 in a poor game they are still a tough team after winning the world club challenge to Super League premiers St Helens 21-15!!!! And on the other hand the WARRIORS!!!! Coming off the back of two losses first going down 24-18 againts the Parramatta Eels and last week 20-12 to the wests tigers!!! ( Which they should of won!!!! If you live in NZ you might be able to go to this game which will be played at Mt Smart in Auckland NZ!!!! Hopefully the warriors can record their first win of the season!!! WARRIORS vs DRAGONS........ 'GO THE WARRIORS!!!!'

Friday, March 18, 2011


Here is a vicious game in the making as the MIGHTY vodafone Warriors look to topple the Wests Tigers. The Warriors have three changes to their team who recently lost to the parramatta eels. Kevin Locke comes in for the injured Glen Fishiahi'i , Isaac john come in for the suspened Jame Maloney and New Signing Krisnan Inu come in for the injured MANU 'THE BEAST' VATUVEI!!!!! Our biggest loss I think. You can catch all of the action from 10:00 pm N.Z time....and 8:00 ( NSW and VICTORIA) Australia time!!! On Saturday the 19th of March 2011 live from Leichart oval in Sydney Australia. Hopefully the three changes in the warriors team can DOMINATE the FIERCE tigers pack. And also the Tigers have one change in their team due to injuries. If The Warriors have any chance of taking the game, they are going to have to

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My AWESOME camp TC reflection!!!

Already camp TC is over and it was a bit of a BLAST!!!!! My highlight was ROCK UP, because it had CLASSIC games such as Archery.... Rockclimbing .....The alligator alley ( Which we were the first team to complete it )... Snowboard challenge.... and my Favourite..... the DUNKER!!!!

I really enjoyed the dunker because it had rotations that were fun in every way!!! And you Didn’t get tired of them!!!!

The most valuabale lesson that I learned is that..... If you bother tired people they can get really grumpy and won’t Co-operate together but if people have enough sleep you will get along!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011



Today is the first ever day of the year 7 and 8 camp TAKE CHARGE!!!!! I am in an Amazing team named in the THINKERZ!!! Already we have done Team Building, Hangi prep, Team Dance night practice, and my FAVOURITE da da da da.....KAYAKING!!!!
The Kayaking activity was a bit hard but considering my experience, I was under way in no time!!! The wind was calm and me and my mate Lepa were burning through the wind in our little double Kayak!!!! Due to our principal being in a boat at the time shock waves off his boat rebounded into us and we went FLYING!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to build an AMAZING tent!!!!!

HOW TO PITCH A TENT STEP BY STEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A list of equipment!!!
1. Unpack the Essential tent equipment which includes hammers, pegs, guy ropes and fibre glass poles which will make the structure of the tent!!!

1.Well the first step is to pull out all of the equipment that you need to build it!!!
2. ?Then unfold the base and frame of the tent flat onto the ground and you need to insure that the entrance to the tent is the right way
3.Then put in the metal pegs at a 45 degree angle and hammer the pegs down hard in to the ground!!!
4. Then with your hands get out the fibre glass put them in to the ground and slightly bend them and tie a bow onto it!!!
5.Then put the fly on top of the tent so that it can maintain its stability of its structure during high winds in the night!!!
6. And that is how you build a tent.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


This movie that I have just recently produced is about a korero.....CHAMPIONS NEVER GIVE UP!!!! And also to remind you that you should never give up even if you are in the Darkest of situations. So Enjoy, and......" CHAMPIONS NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!"