Friday, March 25, 2011


This is a movie that I have crafted to show the different personalities and the korero at Pt England school. By Korero I mean that it is a weekly talk we have with our principal in the names of BIN IT...USE YOUR WITS And so on!!! This will show you little snapshots of how people use the Pt England in their own unique way!!!! This movie represents how people SUCCEED in doing the right things and having fun!!! 'SO I HOPE YOU ENJOY'.......


  1. Hey Mate,

    I liked the video you put together,but I reckon it would of been better if you were in the movie.It was still awesome.

    From your mate Matthew R

  2. Hi there Kayde, We watched your movie today about taking charge and we thought it was fabulous AND amazing. Thank you for sharing your work!
    Love from Room 4


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