Thursday, March 17, 2011

My AWESOME camp TC reflection!!!

Already camp TC is over and it was a bit of a BLAST!!!!! My highlight was ROCK UP, because it had CLASSIC games such as Archery.... Rockclimbing .....The alligator alley ( Which we were the first team to complete it )... Snowboard challenge.... and my Favourite..... the DUNKER!!!!

I really enjoyed the dunker because it had rotations that were fun in every way!!! And you Didn’t get tired of them!!!!

The most valuabale lesson that I learned is that..... If you bother tired people they can get really grumpy and won’t Co-operate together but if people have enough sleep you will get along!!!!

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  1. Hey Kayde

    I'm really glads that you have enjoyed Camp because I certainly have. The dunker was awesome wasn't it. I especially liked when we were about to be dunked but the scary thing was that we could of got smashed by the ball. I could not believe so much people that were about to be dunked never got hit once

    Well Kayde keep up the good work and I'll keep coming back to post comments on your blog


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