Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to build an AMAZING tent!!!!!

HOW TO PITCH A TENT STEP BY STEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A list of equipment!!!
1. Unpack the Essential tent equipment which includes hammers, pegs, guy ropes and fibre glass poles which will make the structure of the tent!!!

1.Well the first step is to pull out all of the equipment that you need to build it!!!
2. ?Then unfold the base and frame of the tent flat onto the ground and you need to insure that the entrance to the tent is the right way
3.Then put in the metal pegs at a 45 degree angle and hammer the pegs down hard in to the ground!!!
4. Then with your hands get out the fibre glass put them in to the ground and slightly bend them and tie a bow onto it!!!
5.Then put the fly on top of the tent so that it can maintain its stability of its structure during high winds in the night!!!
6. And that is how you build a tent.

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