Friday, March 25, 2011


In a funny way I expected more of camp TC!!!! I didn’t know that our camp was at school I thought that It was gonna be fun and in the bush now that we are year 7/8. Well that was until miss explained that it was here at our very school. As we did in year 5 and 6 we would have been rollerblading, rock-climbing and bowling!!!! But that fun entertainment was saved for another day.....

Day 1 of camp TC kicked of with a hour and a half activity rotation!!!! Kayaking, team building, Mr Harris’ fun game, tent pitching with Mrs Nua and Hangi prep with Miss Tito!!! First up we had to do team building with Mr Barks and it certainly was one of my hardest activities to conquer!!! Secondly was Tent pitching to make our own special tent!!!!! Funnily enough this was one of my easiest activities!!!! And last we had Kayaking my MOST FAVOURITE...... Kayaking!!!! This year we had new kayaks.....sit on versions of an origanil ones!!! First impression you’d think that it it would be hard to control just looking at it!!!!

Finally the funnest nit of the day.... ‘MOVIE NIGHT’!!!! There was a range of a selection to choose from including Toy story 3, Dispicable me and willo!!! But Lucky for some, the rugby league NRL game was on between the Tigers and the Bulldogs!!! I went on to watch for my second time, Toy story 3 because I never heard of the other ones!!! EVER!!!

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  1. Hey Kayde

    I really enjoyed camp and I can see that you have as well. I had no idea that the Tigers and Bulldogs game was playing. I know that I would of watched the game if I knew instead of Toy Story.

    Keep up the good work Kayde
    Matthew T


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