Thursday, September 29, 2011

Close to perfect!

hook-A different day tomorrow? I asked myself as Mrs Nua, Our class teacher announced. We were to bring along to school with us, a change of clothes and maybe a towel. I was thinking why a towel, why a change of clothes? So After school I ran home eager to find out what was going to happen.
orientation- “I never knew that we could have this much fun at school apart from morning and lunch time!” There was a glamouris feeling among the intermediate block of the school walking down to the bottom field. The games had began, It felt like we were representing our countries at the London 2012 olympics.
para 1-So it would seem that we were obviesly playing games. I said to myself, “YAH” This was the first time that we had done something fun, out of the Ordinary. That is if you take out our Term 1 camping experience. Up to this point of the week I was more excited, not only because we were playing games but also having fun.
para 2-As our class lined up ready to have some fun, I noticed in the corner about 6-8 buckets stacked up. I thought that after this sight we were just bound to play at least one water game. We hit the bottom field with excitement ready to play some games. After the first game me and several other class mates were soaked in water from our first game with Miss Nua. I was dreading myself saying NO,NO,NO. This was a Brand new warriors shirt I was wearing. Well there’s a lesson to be learned, never wear brand new clothes for something you will get dirty in.
para 3-No Offense to my teacher Miss Nua, But this was when the fun kicked in! I still don’t know what this game is called, but in a way it is similar to dodge ball so I am going to call it ‘DODGE THE BALL’. Here are the rules. Two teams on the court at once, and one team has to run inside the limited space that they have while the other team has to try and hit you with the ball. Here’s the twist, the team that is holding the ball can’t move, all they can do is chuck the ball to their other team mates and touch the opposing team with the ball.
para 4-At this rate i had a feeling that we were going to win our first match of dodge the ball in style. Five out of seven of our people survived while we ran around. The other two people we recogonized them as the WEAK LINKS. Back to the game Already four of the seven people in the other team had been hit and gone. three to go! We won convincingly. There was also two other games played, but if I explained them this story would go on and on about how fun and cool they played out.
conclusion-If I were to write a 1000 word writing sample about the highlights of there year this experience would defiantly in it. So please Mrs Nua , Can we do this again.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Our place our team

This is a presentation that me and my mates done about our country!!! I hope you enjoy our hard work.Here is a presentation that me and my

My Maths Whizz

Recently we have been introduced to a new thing called Maths Whizz. I have climbed up the ladder of credits faster than anyone else. If you click on the button START you will start your 10 questions. It is fun and I will be on it all day. Literally!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

RWC Samoa vs Namibia

Tonight, although Namibia is ranked last in the RWC 2011, they will face a fiery Samoan team. Samoa will play their first game of the RWC tonight on the 14-09-11. Namibia last week put up a VERY GOOD fight against ts Fiji in Rotorua sadly going down 49-25. At one stage of the game Namibia looked like winning. The score I predict for tonights game is 35-20 to Samoa.

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Favourite poems

My most favourite place is Rotorua and Gisborne because it feels like your in a house of fun that never ends.

Time of day
My most favourite time of the day is when school finishes because feels like a hard hill to climb.

BLUE.....BLACK.....Black is smuther over the Vodafone Warriors and Blue Describes my passion for NSW.

My Favourite food is Nachos because of the mouth watering taste, It talks to me like chocalate.

Slurping a taste of coke is a remix like eating nachos filled with a raspberry soft drink.

Reggae fills my ears with relaxing music, similar to a tropical Island like Samoa.

My favourite flower is the violet because of their distinct blue colour that is a message that is sent to my heart.. (NSW)

Being out in the wild is such a treat, but in camping I get caught up with the heat.

My most favourite person in the world is my best friend Matthew T, he is as funny as America’s funniest home videos.

NRL is a game that runs smoothly like a Mr Whippy Choclate smoothy.

My favourite thing is NRL, but the one thing I hate after the game is the PUTRID and PUNGENT smell. The boots is the thing that make my nose hurt and sting.