Monday, September 12, 2011

My Favourite poems

My most favourite place is Rotorua and Gisborne because it feels like your in a house of fun that never ends.

Time of day
My most favourite time of the day is when school finishes because feels like a hard hill to climb.

BLUE.....BLACK.....Black is smuther over the Vodafone Warriors and Blue Describes my passion for NSW.

My Favourite food is Nachos because of the mouth watering taste, It talks to me like chocalate.

Slurping a taste of coke is a remix like eating nachos filled with a raspberry soft drink.

Reggae fills my ears with relaxing music, similar to a tropical Island like Samoa.

My favourite flower is the violet because of their distinct blue colour that is a message that is sent to my heart.. (NSW)

Being out in the wild is such a treat, but in camping I get caught up with the heat.

My most favourite person in the world is my best friend Matthew T, he is as funny as America’s funniest home videos.

NRL is a game that runs smoothly like a Mr Whippy Choclate smoothy.

My favourite thing is NRL, but the one thing I hate after the game is the PUTRID and PUNGENT smell. The boots is the thing that make my nose hurt and sting.

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