Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aussie rules/kiwi kick

“OUCH!!!!!” I found out that you have to have a pretty stiff and hard hand to hit an AFL ball. My hand was as red as anything, ready to burst with blood. But AMAZINGLY the pain was worth it. Us and room 9 were in the hall learning how to play Aussie rule or (kiwi kick). You probably don’t know what this is, so I’ll run you through the basics.

Aussie rules is a sport that is played similar to the game of rugby. So here are three basic rules. Rule number one, When you pass the ball in AFL you have got to hold it in on hand and then hit it. If not you will be penalised. Number two, You can only run a limited space of 15 metres before you have to bounce the ball. And last but not least rule number three. There are three posts, to score a goal you have to kick the ball. You can kick the ball in the Air and along the ground. If you kick the ball between the middle post you will score six points and if between the side ones, one point.

This technique is called hand ball next week or it stops raining we will go out side and learn how to drop put the ball it also is another unique skill that might only be used in this game. But what made the game a even better experience was that we where playing with students from room 9. In the end we had a quick group challenge we had to pass the ball to everyone in our group and every time someone caught it that was counted as one point the most points someone got for just 2 people was 72.

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