Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My writing assesment

The view was AMAZING! Marching down to the picnic, you could see the sun's reflection flickering on the waters surface. In my head I could just see visions of how much fun we would be having at our annual school picnic. Upon our arrival we were asked to sit down.The day was just about to unfold.

“Strike three your out” Mr Jacobson yelled as I swung for the softball once again. I walked to the back of the line with my head hung down to the ground.But in a matter of time it was again raised as I smashed the ball for a home run. “BOOYAH” I thought in my head at that moment! After my adrenaline calmed down, I went away in search of something else to do. Immediately my stomach rumbled and I knew what.

The sweetness of it was amazing! My teeth gashed its way into my watermelon. My stomach was soon filled. Sitting up one the bank I could see team 3 splashing and diving as the indulged themselves into the water. I thought “ Man I wish I had bought my togs with me. What a bummer!

“Watch out Kayde, Joe is coming” Matthew screamed at the top of his lungs! We had started a game of tiggy. I sprinted and swerved, and crouched down below Mrs Slade's car. " I think we lost him bro," I whispered to Matthew. But then the next minute we were spotted. We had no choice but to run for it as the chasers closed in on us. We were out in an instant as Joe had set up a trap!

Feeling exhausted after that hardcore game of tiggy the end of the day had come .I can barely go on as our school took the walk back to school. Physically drained, it was as if a giant pulled out a humongous straw and drank out of me. But I still had that bit of energy Left and I made it back to school. “AAAH” I muttered to myself! What a stinker, that was my last picnic of my PES life.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Think Before you post inform

Too often these days kids about the ages between 12-18 are posting stupid things online about other people or themselves. Do you ever think about the ramifications? What might happen to you ?. So I urge you to think about what your going to post and where exactly you are posting it.

If you posted something disrespectful about someone imagine how hurt they will feel. You need to remember to put yourself in their shoes , think how they would feel if you told all of your friend's on Facebook. So just remember to always think how other would feel if they saw that.

I encourage you to only do the appropriate things online, because later on in life it could come back to bite you. But If you were to apply for a job, future employers would like to see positive footprint if they search your name, and not the other.

So be really cautious and always think about the consequences, and what might happen.

A Sad person

“Mmmmmh” groaned the boy all alone in the corner. He cried heavily like something that he had wanted had gone down hill and he never got it at all. His face drooped, Mouth was frowned, eyes covered with water. He was in a really dull moment when everything in the world didn’t matter to him nothing except that one thing. Everything he planned , none of it mattered anymore.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Scruffy Description

The Jealous younger brother of Duffy, Scruffy has a 100% different personality to his older brother Duffy. But there were ways that Scruffy could try to convince Duffy to play and even hang with him. But there was one thing that the two brothers had in common, their last name.
Scruffy and Duffy are from a NZ national Book reading show club. And thier group previously visited our great school Pt England. With a show called, “THE BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD!” Here is a scene that is from the play.

“But Piri Weepu is here”, mumbled Scruffy. Scruffy stamped and smashed his feet on the ground as Duffy said five minutes and then I will play with you guys. Pushed to the limit, Scruffy had to come up with a different idea. Struggling, Scruffy really wanted to play rugby with Duffy and Manu. Near the ground Scruffy slouched as Duffy said no once again.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stuck in the snow

As the wind blew, my teeth chattered in a back and forth motion. It was as If a ghost just passed through my body. “AAGH” I muttered as I shivered. “ I wish I was back at home asleep”!

The wind blew so fast that it swept me off my feet. I was not able to maintain my ground. Falling to the ground it was as if I just collapased on to rock hard cement. Not even my jacket could comfort me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Poem about me

When I am older, with my life I hope tp go far
succeeding as a rugby league star,
I could be happy and stoked,
but I might not get any where with my jokes,
In the grand final 2011 they fell,
but I still support the warriors in the NRL,
I can go far with faith in my mother,
also I have to be a brave big brother,
I am little so I might gat bashed around a bit,
but that's alright because I am pretty fit,
People wont look at me and think Kayde who,
I'll become unforgettable, that's what I'll do.