Monday, February 13, 2012

Scruffy Description

The Jealous younger brother of Duffy, Scruffy has a 100% different personality to his older brother Duffy. But there were ways that Scruffy could try to convince Duffy to play and even hang with him. But there was one thing that the two brothers had in common, their last name.
Scruffy and Duffy are from a NZ national Book reading show club. And thier group previously visited our great school Pt England. With a show called, “THE BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD!” Here is a scene that is from the play.

“But Piri Weepu is here”, mumbled Scruffy. Scruffy stamped and smashed his feet on the ground as Duffy said five minutes and then I will play with you guys. Pushed to the limit, Scruffy had to come up with a different idea. Struggling, Scruffy really wanted to play rugby with Duffy and Manu. Near the ground Scruffy slouched as Duffy said no once again.

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