Monday, June 28, 2010

Brent Tate leaving the Warriors....

Brent Tate has always been a legend since 2002 when he made his debut for the Brisbane Broncos. The year after in 2003 he made his State Of Origin debut for Queensland and scored two tries. LEGENDARY!!!!!
In the year 2008 he made his Vodafone Warriors debut and scored 11 tries that year. He recently, against the Canberra Raiders scored his 50th career try. Last year in 2009 he only played three games due to a season ending injury from his former club the Broncos. But this year in 2010 he has played 12 games but this time the season injury once again occurred when he collided with Dragons Second-Row Ben Creagh, breaking his jaw.
Sadly, he will not wear another Warriors jumper in his life because he is leaving to the actual competition wooden spooners the North Queensland Cowboys in 2011. To be honest, I actually think that the North Queensland Cowboys are going to win. They have the talent like, Matthew Bowen, Jonathan Thurston, Brent Tate, Antonio Winterstein and much more!!!
Brent Tate, If you are reading this please stay or come back to the Warriors......

Visit to Rotorua!!!!!

Intro- After a treacherous , three hour ride to Rotorua was finally over, it was time to see my family. "YEAH!!!". Finally the wait to see my family was once again over. "Man, I haven't been in in Rotorua for months and it feels good the be at Home Sweet Home!"

Para 1- Always a pleasant treat for me is visiting my home town, Rotorua. Although I was born in Newcastle, Australia I spent my child-hood days in Rotorua and Auckland. Every holidays I've spent them in, you guessed it, Rotorua. There are many places I like to go like, the aquatic centre, Leisure World and so much more.....

Para 3- 'WOW' "What a huge mountain! Around where my Nan lives is a place where an old abandoned village once was. Well, its not much of a village, it just has torn down houses and hills made out of dirt. I call this a paddock. I go there when I have nothing to do because my koro ( grandfather ) just sits in the garage, sips his beer and reads a book. So I leave and go have fun at the paddock. I and my cousins do all sorts of things at the paddock like, make avalanches hit down the abandoned houses or go to the Waikete rugby club and do some tackles on each other.

Para 4- I like to see my Dad at his working place. He works, or should I say build a MAMMOTH of a building at the Rotorua Polly Tech down south. Its not usual that I see him so It is a huge treat for me to see him. (REALLY).

Conclusion- I hope for the best to just appear next time I go to my town I grew up in, Rotorua! What will Happen?????? Rotorua is honestly GREAT!!! The best of the best cities in the world!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


'WOW' Was the only word going through my mind as this extravaganza movie ended. Right at the end was when I had a HUGE laugh when Rocky (Boy's brother stared at his dad ( Alimein) and asked him, How was Japan? Haha, You can have a laugh to.
It is a sad, sad but funny movie. A huge downer for Boy's or his real name Alimein is that his Mum had passed away, and his Nan was gone for like, literally a month meaning no one was at Boy's house to look after him. His Dad was sadly in jail. One Shocking evening, Alimein's Father ( Alimein ) pulled up in the drive way, and to Boy's amazement, his family was finally rich.
The only way to describe Boy is UN DESCRIBABLE!! Because there is lots of SAD parts and some bright sides to it.
If you haven't seen it than don't sit around. GO TO THE MOVIES AND WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yes its that time of the year again, STATE OF ORIGIN TWO where it is a do or die game for New South Wales or they will be down with only three wins from the past five Years. Both they and Queensland have a very tough team to defeat!
If you would like to now see the team that will represent the New South Wales at Suncorp Stadium on the 16th of june 2010, then you are lucky! I will now tell you the NSW team for game two 2010. Fullback, the talented Jarryd Hayne, and on the left and right wings hold the very strong Joel Monnahan and Brett Morris. The centers hold Dragons pair Beau Scott and The Breath-taking Matt Cooper. The Halves are probably the best in a decade with Trent Barrett at Five-Eighth and he will be the vice caption and his partner in only his second ORIGIN appearance, Mitchell Pearce. A tough foward pack holds the likes of Luke O'Donnel ,Brett White, Trent Waterhouse and much more exciting people!!!
Caption, Kurt Gidley starts on the bench. 'WHAT A SHOCKER!!!!!' Any way, New South Wales are going to WIN!!!
Also, QLD (Queensland) have also have a very solid team. I don't want to say the team because I just can't stand them! 'STATE OF ORIGIN 2 WILL ROCK YOU!!' "GO NSW!!!!!!"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 Favourite teams!

All teams pictured are the most supported of the family I live in. Obviesly from older posts I mainly like the WARRIORS, but my Mother really supports the Gold Coast Titans.

Besides, My sister has not one, not two, but THREE favourite teams in the NRL 2010 competition. The Goald Coast Titans, Parramatta Eels and the South Sydney Rabbitohs who currently sit at fourth on the NRL ladder. While her other most supported teams have not done so good in 2010.
I mostly like the WARRIORS, Nah I'm just kidding. I am absolutely obsessed with The WARRIORS! Their back line is amazing. It has the talent of Lance Hohaia, Kevin Locke, Brent Tate, Jerome Ropati, Manu Vatuvei, James Maloney and Brett Seymour. "BRILLIANT BACK LINE!!!""I just love the whole seven of them.
'Did you know that Brett Seymour was once the bad boy of the whole NRL back in 2007.' I bet you didn't.
I really enjoy these teams and what they do. Pure 'ENTERTAINMENT!!!!! If you like these teams make a link to your blog so I can make a comment. Teams like this are expected to make it in the finals!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brett an Josh Morris

Last year these two dynamic players,all together scored a total of 42 tries in only 27 rounds. "AMAZING!!!!" They are twins and Josh is just minutes older. Brett Morris has just now reached a total of 67 career tries while his brother has just 49. Brett's team is now currently 1st in the competion while josh's now in tenth with 8 points.
"EXCITEMENT" is the only word to describe them as! They are just unbelievable! If this was to be the GRAND FINAL, St George Illiwarra and the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, the intensity will be "AMAZING!!!!" Obviesley I would want the Vodafone Warriors to make it in the GRAND FINAL but with the St George Illiwarra Dragons and The Canterbury Banks-town Bulldogs, the atmosphere will be THRILLING!!
This is why these two twins are currently my best players in all NRL..
I would like to thank this website for the pictures of these cute twins.... .

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going down to the TIGERS..

On Friday the 28th of May my all time favourite NRL team the vodafone WARRIORS were walloped by the Wests Tigers, 50-6. "CRIKEY THATS A BIG SCORE!!" I never wanted to see this out come, but to be honest I reckon the Tigers should get all the respect they want.

By the way, a 50-6 score line. 'AMAZING!!' The WARRIORS did not at all deserve it. I reckon for the WARRIORS only two people stood out, Brent Tate and Kevin Locke. Come on WARRIORS, Improve!!!!!