Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brett an Josh Morris

Last year these two dynamic players,all together scored a total of 42 tries in only 27 rounds. "AMAZING!!!!" They are twins and Josh is just minutes older. Brett Morris has just now reached a total of 67 career tries while his brother has just 49. Brett's team is now currently 1st in the competion while josh's now in tenth with 8 points.
"EXCITEMENT" is the only word to describe them as! They are just unbelievable! If this was to be the GRAND FINAL, St George Illiwarra and the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, the intensity will be "AMAZING!!!!" Obviesley I would want the Vodafone Warriors to make it in the GRAND FINAL but with the St George Illiwarra Dragons and The Canterbury Banks-town Bulldogs, the atmosphere will be THRILLING!!
This is why these two twins are currently my best players in all NRL..
I would like to thank this website for the pictures of these cute twins.... .


  1. Hi Kayde,
    Brett and Josh Morris are one of the top players in the NRL and I think you know that. The destructive brothers will be even better if they join teams to go to the grand final just like you wrote. Bye.

    From Gabriel

  2. Hi Kayde

    Nice post about the Morris brothers. Lucky they are NSW or if they played for QLD it will be all over for NSW.

    GO THE BLUES!!!!!!!!!!


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