Monday, June 28, 2010

Visit to Rotorua!!!!!

Intro- After a treacherous , three hour ride to Rotorua was finally over, it was time to see my family. "YEAH!!!". Finally the wait to see my family was once again over. "Man, I haven't been in in Rotorua for months and it feels good the be at Home Sweet Home!"

Para 1- Always a pleasant treat for me is visiting my home town, Rotorua. Although I was born in Newcastle, Australia I spent my child-hood days in Rotorua and Auckland. Every holidays I've spent them in, you guessed it, Rotorua. There are many places I like to go like, the aquatic centre, Leisure World and so much more.....

Para 3- 'WOW' "What a huge mountain! Around where my Nan lives is a place where an old abandoned village once was. Well, its not much of a village, it just has torn down houses and hills made out of dirt. I call this a paddock. I go there when I have nothing to do because my koro ( grandfather ) just sits in the garage, sips his beer and reads a book. So I leave and go have fun at the paddock. I and my cousins do all sorts of things at the paddock like, make avalanches hit down the abandoned houses or go to the Waikete rugby club and do some tackles on each other.

Para 4- I like to see my Dad at his working place. He works, or should I say build a MAMMOTH of a building at the Rotorua Polly Tech down south. Its not usual that I see him so It is a huge treat for me to see him. (REALLY).

Conclusion- I hope for the best to just appear next time I go to my town I grew up in, Rotorua! What will Happen?????? Rotorua is honestly GREAT!!! The best of the best cities in the world!!

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  1. Hi Kayde,
    That must of been a hell of a BLAST at Rotorua.I wonder If I could go there some time.I also like the story you wrote,it really hooked me in to the trip of yours.See Ya later

    Matthew R


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