Wednesday, June 23, 2010


'WOW' Was the only word going through my mind as this extravaganza movie ended. Right at the end was when I had a HUGE laugh when Rocky (Boy's brother stared at his dad ( Alimein) and asked him, How was Japan? Haha, You can have a laugh to.
It is a sad, sad but funny movie. A huge downer for Boy's or his real name Alimein is that his Mum had passed away, and his Nan was gone for like, literally a month meaning no one was at Boy's house to look after him. His Dad was sadly in jail. One Shocking evening, Alimein's Father ( Alimein ) pulled up in the drive way, and to Boy's amazement, his family was finally rich.
The only way to describe Boy is UN DESCRIBABLE!! Because there is lots of SAD parts and some bright sides to it.
If you haven't seen it than don't sit around. GO TO THE MOVIES AND WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Kayde I've watched it.I see you have wrote about BOY too. That is a very very funny movie. I like the part when Boy says to his little brother say hello egg and he says it . Well keep up with all the good work you have been doing. GOOD WORK!!

  2. Hi Starford,

    Thanks for the comment!!!!! Boy is mine and probably the best movie of 2010!!!!! I have it at home so I can watch it all the time.


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