Thursday, October 21, 2010

The opening of the four nations game!!

An absolute scintillating match of rugby league is in the balance as the NRL Kiwi's take on last years host of the four nations, England. If you remember, last time these two foes met was last year (2009) when England took the game, 22-14 at JJB stadium. In England. But I can guarantee that this time the Kiwi's will win. This game will be the opener of the four nations will be played at Westpac stadium in Wellington........GO THE MIGHTY KIWI'S!!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

NRL Kiwi's vs Samoa!!!

On Saturday the 16th of October 2010 the New Zealand Nrl Kiwi's will go head to head with pacific Island Nation, Samoa. After backing the Kiwi's last year my mates, Joshua and Erene will be hoping that the strong pacific island team SAMOA will be putting on a hell of a Show!!!!! This game is going to be played at the Vodafone Warriors home ground of Mount Smart Stadium. Both teams will be looking to impress!!! Especially the Nrl Kiwi's. They will try and impress so they will be considered a threat in the four nations tournament this October!!!!!GO THE KIWI'S!!!!!!!

Meeting Kevin "The Hero" Locke!!!!!

WOW!!!! What an experience this was for me.....meeting The new and exciting roadrunner, Kevin Locke!!!! It was a great time for me. It was a thing to Remember. I Thought to myself as I met him " I could get famous because of this " But no. I'm still not. That's me,on the bottom left of the Photo.
Anyway, Kevin Locke is one HELL of a young performer and there is still a lot of talent to come out of him!!!! Kevin Locke ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Grand Opening of Eden Park!!!!

Intro -

Thrillingly, I had a once in a life time chance meeting sport legends like the Nrl Kiwis. I was tempted to just go to them and Give a hug. Also, something thrilling Seeing the New Zealand Blackcaps. I was More interested in the NRL Kiwis. I Hadn’t seen them in months and years.

Para 1 -

First of all in the beginning of the day I won a free rugby ball by passing the ball through the hole with out missing a single time. But for me no prize was won when I was on the scrumming machine, I reached a high score of 71.6 kilograms. One of the highest of the days. For me it was a good acheivement!!!!!!!

Para 2 -

A once in a life time opportunity was in the balance as the New Zealand Kiwi’s and Blackcaps were just centimetres away from me. Inside of me the tension was rising as I was up and close in person with NRL Kiwi’s Mr Magic Man, Benji Marshall. Also, on the scene was Blackcaps Cricket Legend Brendon McCullum. Of Course he introduced himself, so I didn’t wanna be an egg so I introduced Myself and asked...... “Can I Have a photo?”

Para 3 -
So the pheanominal moment of fame for me, meeting the New Zealand Blackcaps and the NRL Kiwi’s had passed. “What was left for me I asked?” There was a brief moment of silent than the little rascal, my brother, Gabriel came up with an idea. This was to go up to the top of the New Southern stand at Eden park. Believe me it was like being on the top of Mt. Everest!!!! But on the other hand it was such a view looking down to all the Auckland residents who turned out on a day to remember!!!!!

Para 4 -
Up until now I thought that there was nothing left on offer. My Dad literally ordered the whanau ( Family ) onto the Eden Park six Million dollar playing field. Dad took us into the New look changing rooms. It didn’t feel like an ordinary changing room. A Very huge suprise was moments away, as All Blacks Legends Christain Cullen and Shawn Pitzpatrick wait there and Sign my peace of paper I recieved as I entered the 60,000 seated stadium. There was no room for their signitures so I got them to sign my Arm. To my Amazment a man walked in to the changing rooms an fainted to the ground.

Conclusion- I wish that there is another day like this full of fun!!!!!!!!