Thursday, June 23, 2011

Football inventions!!!!

…..RUGBY BALL Invention.....

Richard Lindon and William Gilbert who lived in the late 17th century and the mid 18th century created rugby balls for there class. Mainly out of hand stitched, four-panel, leather casings and pigs' bladders. These men were also known for their shoe and rugby boot making!!!!!

A rugby ball is a style of football that originated from rugby ball in the United Kingdom. It is seen most prominently in two current sports, rugby league and rugby Union ( with the rugby world cup being hosted here in NEW ZEALAND ), and has influenced the development of others such other footballs like NFL ( American Football ), Canadian Football and AFL, Australia rules football, you’ll find that their balls are much, much smaller!!!

Rugby Union and American Football ( NFL ) are two VERY, VERY different sporting games!!!!! For starters, both sports are played on a field that is roughly 110 metres which is 120 yards long and about 50-55 metres wide, with the rugby field being slightly wider. Across the field, there are lines painted to indicate the different boundaries. These lines are about ten metres and yards apart from each other.


This week on Sunday the vodafone WARRIORS will be taking on the Melbourne STORM!!!!! With out a doubt this will be a cracker!!!! It will be third versus seventh, with the STORM in third place and the WARRIORS in seventh!!!!!

The WARRIORS have recently had three consecutive losses. As you know the WARRIORS are looking to snap a three game losing streak, and there will be no other way than to do it with the WARRIORS being at home at Mt Smart Stadium. Going into this game the WARRIORS will have a lot of hope after defeating this star-filled team in the ANZAC day battle, 18-14 at the STORMS home ground of AAMI park!!!

If both teams look to win this game they first of all need to shut down the fowards, but most of all for the WARRIORS, shut down the three best players of the game, Cooper Cronk, Cameron Smith and Billy Slater!!!!! In saying that..... ' GO THE WARRIORS '

Friday, June 10, 2011

NSW TEAM!!!!!!

On Wednesday the 15th of June the Harvey Norman state of origin game two will take place at ANZ stadium in Sydney Australia!!!!! The Queenslanders are looking to yet again take out the series for the 6th time in a row, and also the New South wales team looking to restore their pride and to not go down yet again!!! Here are the Teams....
1. Anthony Minichello ( Roosters )
2. Jarryd Hayne ( Eels )
3. William Hopoate ( Sea-Eagles )
4. Mark Gasnier ( Dragons )
5. Akulia Uate ( Knights )
6. Jamie Soward ( Dragons )
7. Mitchell Pearce ( Roosters )
8. Paul Gallen (c) ( Sharks )
9. Michael Ennis ( Bulldogs )
10. Tim Mannah ( Eels )
11. Beau Scott ( Dragons )
12. Ben Creagh ( Dragons )
13. Greg Bird ( Titans )

14. Kurt Gidley ( Knights )
15. Anthony Watmough ( Sea-Eagles )
16. Trent Merrin ( Dragons )
17. Luke Lewis ( Panthers )

And there you have it, the NSW team!!!! GO NEW SOUTH WALES!!!!!


Kia Ora my name is KAYDE, as you can see in this photo of my WACKY name design!!! This was a task set from one of our independent teachers Miss Tito!!! Each kid was to write their name and post or send it to her!!!! And the winner taking the prize of a water balloon firing sling-shot!!!!! But in the end there were two winners two boys called Raven and Moses!!! I hope you liked my name!!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Goals movie!!!!

This is a movie about my goals for this year!!! I have animated an AWESOME rugby league match of the WARRIORS vs RABBITOHS!!! I hope that you enjoy it!!

Reds vs Crusaders highlights!!!!

On Sunday night there was a MOUTH-WATERING super 15 clash between the Queensland reds and the Canterbury crusaders!!!!! This match lived up to expectation as there was a 50 000 crowd sell out. And also for the kiwi team super All Black Dan Carter and also All Blacks captain Richie McCaw were back. Both of the teams ran onto the field and for both there was a MASSIVE ROAR!!!! So how would this game turn out??????

RRRRRR!!!! The whistle blew and the Crusaders had an awesome penalty kick to open the score card. 3-0 to the kiwi team. Immediately it was a force to be reckoned with when the reds hit back with a try to make the score 7-3. Although I am still debating that there was a forward pass or not!!! The ref didn’t see it!!! There were opportunity after opportunity to score but the defence was rock solid. Going into the sheds the score was 7-3 to the Queensland reds.

RRRRR!!! Again the whistle blew to signify the second half kick-off of the game!!! With the mighty crusaders kicking it off. the second-half was again hard going for the first seven minutes. Then the power of the Crusaders struck when Robbie Fruin set-up a try for 32 year old Joe Wheeler crossing over to make the score 10-7!!!! The defence from both teams held up rock hard until.... The reds scored the equalizer making the score 14-10 to the Queensland Reds. A penalty was blown for the Crusaders right in front of the uprights, an easy three points for Daniel Carter, and they were easily taken the score now was 14-13!!! It would take another 15 minutes before the score was once again cracked!!! Again Lazy defence from the reds gave Dan Carter a gifted three points!!! The score now 16-14. “ OH NO!!! “ These must of been the words of the Crusaders coach when there was a penalty given to the reds with one minute to go!!! Quade Cooper took his chance and....The goal was hit!!! The crusaders tried the short kick-off but it wasn’t enough!!! The final score 17-16 to the Queensland Reds!!