Thursday, October 14, 2010

NRL Kiwi's vs Samoa!!!

On Saturday the 16th of October 2010 the New Zealand Nrl Kiwi's will go head to head with pacific Island Nation, Samoa. After backing the Kiwi's last year my mates, Joshua and Erene will be hoping that the strong pacific island team SAMOA will be putting on a hell of a Show!!!!! This game is going to be played at the Vodafone Warriors home ground of Mount Smart Stadium. Both teams will be looking to impress!!! Especially the Nrl Kiwi's. They will try and impress so they will be considered a threat in the four nations tournament this October!!!!!GO THE KIWI'S!!!!!!!


  1. Hey Kayde, Wow that was great writing you did about the NRL Kiwi's and The Island Of Samoa. You were right. That game was smashing match.

    Keep up the good posts. From Gabriel

  2. Hi Kayde
    That was a great post. I was going for SAMOA but sadly they lost. 50-6 man what a frashing. Did you watch the NZ Maori team, man what a catch up. Anyway keep up the great work Kayde.


  3. Hi Kayde,

    I liked the story that you have written. I watched the NZ NRL Kiwi's on the 16th and it was a awesome game. Go the Kiwi's. Sadly Samoa lost against the Kiwi's.


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