Friday, August 5, 2011

Fitness test!!!

"HUFF.....A.....PUFF" The hard worked boys groaned as we approached level six of our intense beep test. I had high aspirations to beat my all time record of level 16 stage 7. But that probably wasn't going to happen. My legs were pushed to their BREAKING POINT as we reached the sixth stage. I felt like giving up as the time got narrow and more faster to try and complete. " YAH!" I thought as I reached the seventh stage. I honestly felt like giving up. I thought of a saying..."NO PAIN, NO GAIN". Sadly in the end I just had to give in. My finishing position, level seven stage two.

For me to get better at our next beep test at the end of the term I need to get more involved at my rugby league trainings and start testing myself to do harder things.


  1. You are right Kayde - no pain, no gain!! I'll look forward to seeing you push yourself to do better next time.
    And just a reminder about rereading and checking you writing before you post so that your audience can get the message clearly. There are a few mistakes I know you could have found and fixed of you had taken the time to do so.
    Mrs Nua

  2. Hey Kayde
    this was a very great story on how our beep test went in the end my final score was 4.2 but although it wasn't the same as yours i still need heaps of practise till I can get the same score a as Ieremus. Keep up the good work and never give up

  3. Hi Kayde,

    I really like your post!! I really like that phrase'NO PAIN NO GAIN" And you're right, I saw you pushing yourself. Anyway I really like the word ASPIRATION" because it is a Powerful vocab! Keep up the good work.

    God Bless.
    By your good friend, Joshua

  4. # , kayde , i like this post ! , it explains alot about you ! , you the man dude ! <3
    , from shyarn xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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