Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hokey Pokey

A huge wonder of the world for me was making a tantalizing delicacies called Hokey
Pokey,Mmm.....Hokey Pokey. Fat foods including sugar dissolved in just an instant along with Maple syrup which also dissolved, forming my long time favourite Hokey Pokey. But to top it off and taste experimentally food like. With these element type ingredients combined, this fancy food honestly looked like cow dun, but on the bright side it was frothed up lots and in just a blink of an eye, ready to eat.
"PEEVE....." A fart effect wafted in the air as masses of Hokey Pokey bursted out of the frying pan. This experience was insane!!!!! It was as if the Hokey Pokey limited to be eaten and at the same time burst out of the frying pan.
We went to the kitchen, stunned as we were in for a phenomenal suprise. We clicked when, in just a flash we would create a wonderful food treat, that involved volcanic like equipment or other things to do with that. We made a long time favourite of mine, Hokey Pokey.
Similar to lava, oozing hokey pokey can literally pot. 'WOW!!!!!!' Also it can become hard and brittle in just minutes.'AMAZING!!!!!' Pokey is scolding hot, which can probably melt a total human hand. That is scary but at the same time very very yuck.
By Kayde and Cruz.

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  1. Hi again. Remember when you came home and told us you had Hokey Pokey. I was Jealous but when you told us it was to sweet I didn't want any more. I also feel bad on Mr Hunia leaving because he was a nice teacher just like Miss Garden.

    Bye Kayde.


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