Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The Vodafone Warriors are my team that I most look up at to play for in the future. I really enjoy the way they play because if they win or lose they still give good sports-man ship to the opposition.
My best player of all of them will probably be Steven Price because, even though he does not own the caption roll, he still leads the side to victory. I really want the Warriors to make the 2010 Grand Final. So get to the Grand Final and show the world why you are the ALMIGHTY WARRIORS!!!

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  1. Hi Kayde,
    You are right about the ALMIGHTY WARRIORS and just like me they are my favourite team out of the whole NRL even tho they got wasted against the Tigers 50-6. Keep it up Warriors and you will get to the top of the table. My best player is Brett Seymour and Kevin Locke.
    By Kayde from Gabriel


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