Monday, May 17, 2010


In 2009 Monday night Raw celebrated a television mile stone, as it became the longest raining weekly episode in the world. It reached 800 episodes, and was viewed by more than 34 billion people. AMAZING!!!!!!
Along with they're brothers Tuesday night ECW and a rookie filled programme called NXT. And yet another brother called Friday night SMACK DOWN. Which have the big names in The Big Show, Jack Swagger, Christan, Kofi Kingston and much more......While Monday night RAW have more big names in John Cena, Edge, Sheamous, Randy Orton and much, much more.....So every Monday nights, Tuesday nights and Friday Night, tune into WWE action to witness amazing scenes from pro wrestlers and young rookies.......Be there!
I would like to thank this website for allowing me to display the picture of Raw on my blog. Thanks a lot!

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  1. Hi Brother, I never knew Raw had that much viewers watching WWE so much. I watch wrestling as well. I remember the time when we were playing wrestling in the lounge. that was good times good times.

    See you later. Gabriel


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