Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PE:(Physical Education) at Tamaki College

As my legs ached with every step I took I knew that I was in for a very fun, but physical day out at Tamaki College with a very experienced campaigner, Mr Borland.It was like a blast from the past with three very enjoyable games.It was really the day of the week.
Game one:Game one brought the class joy and plenty laughter, as we were divided into four groups, formed a square and stick together while trying to run where Mr Borland went.(CRAZY).We were very hyped up because who ever stuck together and got in the most stiff line, got the most points, he would shout them Burger group went down as sour losers because we were very much embarrassed when we were whip by the girls.But on the bright side, it was still very fun to play.
Game two:With out a doubt this was the most desperate game to finish!The point of the game was to get to the other side of the Tamaki College gym using small little benches.BUT.Oh yes there is a big but involved.The class was not to touch the floor because, we acted as though the floor was the ocean and there were vicious sharks and were ready to attack!We failed several times, than after 35 minutes of failure we finally succeeded.We were really not acting as a team.
Game Three:'OCTOPUS' I just loved it how there was lots of injuries and giggles going around the building.The class was in a bit of a struggle, and the reason why that was 'cause our campaigner Mr Borland was in the middle along with his assistants.There was about five of them.But I was such a champ because I never gave up and got to the bottom four."YEAH" I thought until I was tug on the foot.But it was only a little nick.But sadly I felt it and at that moment i knew I was out.
We really had a fun day I will never forget.

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