Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is this the Final Decider???

This game, without a doubt will be the BEST game of the four nations!!! Or will it???? This, I reckon will decide the winner of the Four Nations final. Both these teams have already advanced.And also, people say that if the World Champion, Kiwi's win this four Nations tournament, they will go to First Ranking in the WORLD!!!! But, the Big question is, Do you think they will????

Now, lets start with how these teams have gone so far in this tournament. First of all, the New Zealand Kiwi's. The World Champion Kiwi's Have played two games and won both!! First they took on the England Lions and won that game, 24-10. They had a second Opponent, The Papua New Guini Kulmuls. With out any surprises, the Kiwi's Dominated the game and won, 76-12!!!! WHAT A SCORE!!!!!!! And that is how the Kiwi's entered the four nations final!!

And next, the world ranked number team, the Australian Kangaroos!!! This MAGNIFICENT team were alongside the Kiwi's to be the HOT favorites for this tournament!!! Just like the New Zealand Kiwi's, the Kangaroos advanced to the final by Playing two games, and winning both!!! First of all they took on the Papua New guini Kulums at Parramatta Australia. Just as everbody predicted, the Kangaroos DOMINATED the game and won, 42-0. Secondly they had to take on the team they defeated in the final last year, The England Lions!!! And again the Kangaroos won the game, 38-14.

Oh, and we can't forget about the Curtain raiser of this game will be the Papua New Guini Kulums take on the England Lions!!! Sadly, both of these teams have lost their two opening games and the winner of this will finish third in the four nations!!!! Not much hype went into this game, But both these teams Want to finish third in this tournament!!! GO THE KIWI'S!!!!!!


  1. Hi Kayde,

    The Kiwis lost the dress rehearsel for the final but maybe next week they can pull of the unthinkable thrashing and winning over the Kangaroos,it would be great. I think the KIWIS can do it they have played so hard in their last two matches. Keep up the great posts and....................

    GO THE KIWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From your good friend Waata

  2. Hi Kayde

    I feel very sad Papa New Guini that they lost all their game's so I'm deciding if I should go for the PNG!!!!!!!

    Keep the good work up Kayde and one more thing GO THE PNG!!!!!

  3. Hey Waata,

    Thanks for the comment, you are a Great guy!!!

    From kayde

  4. Hey there Darius,

    I appreciate the way you gave me A comment Thank you and your a good guy!!

    From kayde


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