Monday, November 22, 2010


"Ahhhh, the good old Abseiling activity, but for some, this should be designed for the con-course, Because it is a bit of De Jah Vu of fears.”. In just a few moments I was selected to take on this Monster first. With tons of experience in my back pocket of Abseiling I was, in the space of a minute at the top and ready for battle!!!

I can tell you that there was an AMAZING view of the Ocean. But that was shortly experienced for me as Camilla, ( The second instructor ) ordered me to face her. This was only so I could get this over and done with. I was honestly starting to stress when my shoes didn’t find any grip on the wall. But I overcame this and was enjoying myself. And no sooner I was halfway an ready to jump the rest of the way.

Enjoying Myself was my task for the day, and that I was. I didn’t even need to pace myself while I was jumping the rest of the way. I had reached the bottom of the Wall and all I had thought was, “ Can I do it again???” There was hardly anything holding me back as I had the Urge to do it again. “ABSEILING

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  1. Hi Kayde,
    I was just pooping by to look at your blog and saw my favourite activity at camp!. Your writing was AWESOME!!!!
    I really like the way you said," AND A LOT OF EXPERIENCE IN MY BACK POCKET". You used a lot of sentence types! Keep up the good work!

    God Bless.
    By Your good friend Joshua.


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