Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Andrew Johns

THE GREAT ONE!!!! That's the only way you can describe him.....Andrew 'Joey' Johns!!!!!

Andrew Johns in my mind is my very best NRL player I've ever seen in my life!!! He has fort in League battles for his state ( New South Wales ) his country ( Australia ) In England ( Leeds Rhino's ) And his most reconized team ( The Newcastle Knights )!!!!! Andrew Johns Rocks!!!!!!!


  1. HI Kayde
    The great one is a nice term to name him. One of the many amazing things he did was that he is one out of two people to score 4 tries in one match;INCREDIBLE.

  2. Hey Kayde

    What a guy Andrew Johns was back when he played but I still think Wally"The King"Lewis. But he is one of my favourites. Well hope to see more work from you kayde



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