Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Holiday Highlight!!!

Recently the Christmas national holidays have passed and I've just returned from Rotorua. On one cold Tuesday afternoon of these holidays, me and my cousin Taine headed down to the local pools. We slipped on our trunks and started having a pieceful swim, that was until the piece was broken and we started doing some bombs and staples!!!!!!

After a while we decided that it was time to go CRAZY and we started swinging on the tarzan rope they provided and started having turns on the running rocket!!!! “ Yeah we made it to the end then off the end we started doing MASSIVE Bombs, staples and gorillas!!!!” After about an hour or so we decided to cool down and go into the spa pool, but as crazy as we are, we done bombs and staples.That was literally the only way to drive people out of the spa.

Not long after there was a bombing competition. And, Because my cousin Taine lives in Rotorua he knew most of the boys who entered. As so, I entered but I was no match for a few boys. Out of all the boys there was a stand out star named Mavrick he ACED the bombing contest and prooved he could do bombs about 20 to 30 metres high!!!!!! “ All I could say was literally nothing” Then finally the bombing comp was over and me and my cousin thought that it wouldn’t hurt if we had one final turn on the tarzan swing and the running rocket!!!!!! Then at last it was time to go, so my dad picked us up we were on our way home.

Well day two of mine and my cousins incredible week kicked off at the blue lake at Rotorua. Yet again a swim. Our first thought was go out to the plontoon, and so we did. “Up to this day I still don’t know why it is so deep out where the plontoon is. Its a good 10-15 metres deep. But still it is fun out there. And because me and my cousin are adventurous and crazy, we made a risky decision to swim underneath it and swin to the other side. “ pheww risky but fun is what I had in mind!!

With the sun searing down on us at a blistering 31 degree hot temprutere me and my cousin decided to take our swim to the extreme!!!!! Knowing that it was a Risky thing to do for the extremeness, we Swum the length of the 15 metres to the bottom and touch the ground!!! “ Intense moments were on us as we struggled to capture at least a drop of air but then...... Yah we made it. “ Pheww I thought when I got that air I desperatly needed!!!!! And as so we done the routine again and again until it was time to go home!!!!!

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  1. Hi Kayde. My name is Colby-Win Beasley. I'm a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I was assigned to check out your blog and comment on it. You sound like you really had a blast in Rotorua. I know I sure would enjoy going for a swim but it's been too cold here lately. Only a few more months though and it should be warm enough. I can't believe that ya'll swam that far done. I never would've made it in one breath. You must've been worn out. It's good to hear that ya'll had such a good time.


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