Saturday, September 4, 2010

Made It!!

A Cross Country narraitve

Ahhhhh, Good old Cross-Country.This will be a piece of cake!!!!!! These CHUMPS don’t know who they’re up against. Ah, There’s good old Jimmy Grimes, sitting there in the corner trembling in absolute FEAR!!! I was lucky enough to have the running pitch nice and hard. Anyway, I don’t need any luck!, I’ve come first Every year. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!
“ Yeah Mate, I’m gonna win!!” I said to me best mate, Laurie Daley. “Ten year old boys, time to race” Our principal, Mr Russell Burt exclaimed. I was really RELAXED as I stood up to the Chopping board. ‘No feet in front of the line, and NO TRIP UP’S!!” Mr Burt strictly said. I didn’t need to put my in front of the line!! Perhaps I could stand miles back and still win. Mr Burts gong was raised and..........BAM!!! The Race was under way and looking around I could see the Pressure start to build on people!!!!!!
“I knew it, I’m miles in front of everybody, and surly I’m gonna win” I said to myself. But, in side me the pressure is building and I start to think I shouldn’t of been so Cocky or arrogant about winning the race. Also my HUGE appetite of my Breakfast is coming back to Haunt me as a stitch hits on me harder and harder. It didn’t matter because I’m absolutely gonna win. For sure!!!! As my stitch hit me even harder Jimmy Grimes had tightened the gap between He and I. As he gained territory and ground, That is Jimmy Grimes, The power of momentum were highly against me But I knew to soldier on and win!!!!
I had sighted the finish line but by now I had dropped to fourth place. Jimmy Grimes had led the way along with me two best mates, Laurie Daley and Darius Boyd. I only had a slim chance of winning the race because my arch rival, Jimmy Grimes was miles ahead. It felt like a shot of energy had come upon me and I could bear no more!!!” Time to charge” I said. I made an Amazing spurt, but it wasn’t enough to win. Jimmy Grimes took out the race and I finished third. Only Passing Darius Boyd. I thought that I would certainly win.BUT NO.......... I have learnt that from this race, If you think that you’re too good to win, you could suffer consequences like I did in this experience. BRING ON NEXT YEAR!!!!!

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  1. Hey Kayde, nice post about cross country and how you made it. Mean Maori mean. But Kayde, who is Jimmy Grimes? And why is Darius Boyd in there? this is a funny narrative. I hope we make it into inter-zones next year because I didn't make it as well so like you said, BRING IT ON NEXT YEAR.

    Bye Kayde from Gabriel


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