Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Courageous race for the top eight!!!!

This year, the race to make the finals has been an absolute thrilling BATTLE!!!!!! Last week, after their HEART-BREAKING ( NOOOOOO!!!!) lose, the Rabbitohs might have to be kissing their 2010 season goodbye!!!! But on the other hand, My Favourite team ( The Warriors ) are sitting on sixth place with 28 points. Comfortable, to say the least. This week my nails have shortened because I have been literally biting them. And you know why, The Warriors have an absolutely HARD match against my friend ( Cruz's ) best team, Sea Eagles!!!! Wait more trouble, its in Manly. ( In Australia ).GO THE WARRIORS!!!!!

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  1. Hey Kayde, who do you think will make the top eight? because you were always telling me that the top four of the table have kept their place in the finals. Warriors are going head to head with the Gold Coast Titans in the qaurter finals. GO THE WARRIORS!!!!!!! But out of the whole thing go the Tigers!


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