Friday, March 16, 2012

Warriors vs Bulldogs!

On Sunday the 18th of march 2012. The top of the table Bulldogs will take on the Warriors at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland NZ. Both of the teams are coming of wins as the Bulldogs defeated the 2010 champs the dragons 30-4. Their opponents the warriors have also come off a win 36-20 against the eels. This will be a scintillating game!

After smashing the eels 36-20, the vodafone warriors will be looking for back to back wins for the first time this year. If they perform like they did last Monday night, then they should be able to defeat the bulldogs! If the Warriors shut down the doggies halves Reynoldes and Hodkinson they will have a great chance of winning.

On to the Bulldogs. The Canterbury bulldogs have had back-to-back wins moving them to the top of the table. Also the doggies have huge forwards that can bust through any defence line. But if the warriors shut them down then it maybe the warriors on top. So all I can say is..... "GO THE WARRIORS!"

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  1. Hi Kayde,
    Thats going to be a awesome game I cant wait for it to begin. I might be cheering for the Warriors, Then again my little brothers favourite team is the Bulldogs. So then its going to be hard to choose out of. Next time try use a bit more punctuation it'll turn out awesome.
    Have a great day

    P.S GO THE WARRIORS (and the bulldogs)


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